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The Year of Our Lord 1951

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May to June

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
1 May56.0Ordained BishopHailé Mariam CahsaiTitular Bishop of Sozusa in LibyaBishop of Adigrat (Ethiopian), Ethiopia
62.0Ordained BishopGhebre Jesus JacobTitular Bishop of ErythrumApostolic Exarch Emeritus of Asmara (Ethiopian), Eritrea
49.0InstalledCharles Eugène ParentArchbishop of Rimouski, Québec, CanadaArchbishop Emeritus
81.4DiedBl. Klymentiy Sheptytskyi, M.S.U. †Apostolic Exarch of Russia (Russian)
BornAngelo SpinilloBishop of Aversa, Italy
50.8Ordained BishopManuel Porcia YapBishop of Capiz, PhilippinesBishop of Bacolod, Philippines
3 May44.6Ordained BishopImre KisberkTitular Bishop of ChristianopolisBishop Emeritus of Székesfehérvár (Albareale), Hungary
44.9Ordained BishopAntoine Hubert Thijssen, S.V.D. †Titular Bishop of NilopolisBishop Emeritus of Larantuka, Indonesia
4 May31.7AppointedEugène Maillat, M. Afr. †Prefect of N’Zérékoré, GuineaBishop Emeritus of N’Zérékoré, Guinea
6 May26.1Ordained PriestEmile EidPriest of Saïdā (Sidone) (Maronite), LebanonVice President Emeritus of the Pontifical Commission for the Revision of the Code of Oriental Canon Law
BornWilliam Edward LoriArchbishop of Baltimore, Maryland, USA
BornLuis Antonio Scozzina, O.F.M.Bishop of Orán, Argentina
7 May78.6DiedMiguel de Lima ValverdeArchbishop of Olinda e Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
BornBurchell Alexander McPhersonBishop Emeritus of Montego Bay, Jamaica, Antilles
BornRobert Francis VasaBishop of Santa Rosa (in California), USA
8 May BornRicardo Antonio Tobón RestrepoArchbishop of Medellín, Colombia
9 May70.1DiedEttore FeliciApostolic Nuncio to Ireland
63.7DiedDomenico Grassi, P.I.M.E. †Bishop of Vijayawada, India
10 May69.1InstalledPhilippe Sérvule DesranleauArchbishop of Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada
56.6AppointedThomas John Feeney, S.J. †Vicar Apostolic of Caroline and Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Pacific (Oceania)
56.6AppointedThomas John Feeney, S.J. †Titular Bishop of AgnusVicar Apostolic of Caroline and Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Pacific (Oceania)
53.6AppointedJohn Francis Greif, M.H.M. †Vicar Apostolic of Tororo, UgandaBishop of Tororo, Uganda
53.6AppointedJohn Francis Greif, M.H.M. †Titular Bishop of BelabiteneBishop of Tororo, Uganda
42.9AppointedLouis Li Boyu (Li Pai-yu, Li Bao-yu)Bishop of Zhouzhi [Chowchich], China
42.7AppointedAnthony Jeremiah Pesce, C.P. †Vicar Apostolic of Dodoma, TanzaniaBishop of Dodoma, Tanzania
42.7AppointedAnthony Jeremiah Pesce, C.P. †Titular Bishop of Caesarea in BithyniaBishop of Dodoma, Tanzania
BornKevin William VannBishop of Orange in California, USA
50.4AppointedFrancis Yi Xuanhua (Yi Hsüan-hua)Bishop of Xiangyang [Siangyang], China
12 May24.4Ordained PriestWilliam Wakefield BaumPriest of Kansas City, Missouri, USACardinal, Major Penitentiary Emeritus of the Apostolic Penitentiary
61.4AppointedJules Georges KandelaTitular Bishop of CephasArchbishop Emeritus of Mossul (Syrian), Iraq
61.4ConfirmedJules Georges KandelaAuxiliary Bishop of Mossul (Syrian), IraqArchbishop Emeritus
13 May55.0Ordained BishopLuís António Palha Teixeira, O.P. †Titular Bishop of LundaPrelate Emeritus of Marabá, Para, Brazil
41.1Ordained BishopWilhelm van Bekkum, S.V.D. †Titular Bishop of TigiasBishop Emeritus of Ruteng, Indonesia
84.8DiedJuan José Marcos ZapataAuxiliary Bishop of San Juan de Cuyo, Argentina
14 May78.7ResignedPetras Pranciskus Bučys, M.I.C. †Superior General of Congregation of Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin MarySuperior General Emeritus
61.7Ordained BishopJosef HiltlTitular Bishop of ConstantinaAuxiliary Bishop of Regensburg, Germany
15 May50.2AppointedGiuseppe AmiciBishop of Troia, ItalyArchbishop Emeritus of Modena (e Nonantola), Italy
50.2AppointedGiuseppe AmiciCoadjutor Bishop of Foggia, ItalyArchbishop Emeritus of Modena (e Nonantola), Italy
46.8AppointedAlfonso Espino y SilvaCoadjutor Archbishop of Monterrey, Nuevo León, MéxicoArchbishop
46.8AppointedAlfonso Espino y SilvaTitular Archbishop of LeucasArchbishop of Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
70.1ResignedFortunato Maria FarinaBishop of Troia, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Foggia, Italy
17 May81.7DiedJames Edwin CassidyBishop of Fall River, Massachusetts, USA
56.5SucceededJames Louis ConnollyBishop of Fall River, Massachusetts, USABishop Emeritus
43.6AppointedJohn Colburn GarnerBishop of South Africa, MilitaryArchbishop Emeritus of Pretoria, South Africa
48.8AppointedJoseph Li Taonan (Li Daonan)Bishop of Puqi [Puchi], China
18 May53.6AppointedFrancis John Doyle, M.S.C. †Prefect of Samarai, Papua New GuineaBishop Emeritus of Sideia, Papua New Guinea
19 May23.3Ordained PriestGuy BélangerPriest of Valleyfield, Québec, CanadaBishop
25.1Ordained PriestDesmond ConnellPriest of Dublin, IrelandCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus
25.2Ordained PriestJoseph Anthony FerrarioPriest of Society of Priests of Saint SulpiceBishop Emeritus of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
24.8Ordained PriestWilliam Russell HouckPriest of Mobile, Alabama, USABishop Emeritus of Jackson, Mississippi, USA
31.3Ordained PriestJosé Antonio Infantes FloridoPriestBishop Emeritus of Córdoba, Spain
25.7Ordained PriestJames Patrick MahoneyPriest of New York, New York, USAAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
25.5Ordained PriestDidier-Léon MarchandPriest of Grenoble, FranceBishop Emeritus of Valence (-Die-Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux), France
22.7Ordained PriestAntonio Montero MorenoPriest of Granada, SpainArchbishop Emeritus of Mérida-Badajoz, Spain
23.5Ordained PriestFrank Joseph RodimerPriest of Paterson, New Jersey, USABishop Emeritus
20 May53.2Ordained BishopVitale Bonifacio Bertoli, O.F.M. †Titular Bishop of AttaeaVicar Apostolic of Tripoli, Libya
25.3Ordained PriestAntoine HacaultPriest of Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, CanadaArchbishop
28.5Ordained PriestJean-Paul LabriePriest of Québec, CanadaAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
45.9Ordained BishopJuan Ricote AlonsoTitular Bishop of MiletopolisBishop of Teruel (-Albarracín), Spain
37.8Ordained BishopNicolas Pierre van der Westen, SS.CC. †Titular Bishop of BladiaBishop Emeritus of Pangkal-Pinang, Indonesia
21 MayBornArmando Larios JiménezBishop Emeritus of Riohacha, Colombia
29.5Ordained PriestDominique Nguyễn Văn LãngPriestBishop of Xuân Lộc, Viet Nam
23 May BornFulgence RabemahafalyArchbishop of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar
24 May63.8DiedAdalberto Accioli SobralArchbishop of São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil
37.3Ordained BishopMelchior Zhang Kexing (Chang K’o-hing)Titular Bishop of ClypiaBishop of Xiwanzi-Chongli [Siwantze], China
25 MayBornJosé Carlos dos Santos, F.D.P. †Auxiliary Bishop of Luziânia, Goias, Brazil
26 May30.1Ordained PriestJoseph Nguyễn Phụng HiểuPriestBishop of Hưng Hóa, Viet Nam
27 May60.8Ordained BishopCiril BanicTitular Bishop of CoroneBishop of Šibenik (Knin), Croatia
45.8AppointedStjepan BäuerleinAuxiliary Bishop of Bosna (Djakovo) et Srijem, CroatiaBishop of Djakovo o Bosna i Srijem, Croatia
45.8AppointedStjepan BäuerleinTitular Bishop of Heraclea PonticaBishop of Djakovo o Bosna i Srijem, Croatia
54.5AppointedJohn Baptist FranzBishop of Dodge City, Kansas, USABishop Emeritus of Peoria, Illinois, USA
42.6Ordained BishopAníbal Muñoz DuqueBishop of Socorro y San Gil, ColombiaCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Bogotá, Colombia
48.9Ordained BishopEmilio PizzoniBishop of Terracina, Priverno e Sezze, ItalyBishop Emeritus
28 May50.8AppointedBernardus Johannes AlfrinkCoadjutor Archbishop of Utrecht, NetherlandsCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus
50.8AppointedBernardus Johannes AlfrinkTitular Archbishop of TyanaCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Utrecht, Netherlands
60.6AppointedHugh Louis LambBishop of Greensburg, Pennsylvania, USA
46.4AppointedNatale MosconiBishop of Comacchio, ItalyArchbishop Emeritus of Ferrara, Italy
56.0AppointedFulton John SheenAuxiliary Bishop of New York, New York, USABishop Emeritus of Rochester, New York, USA
56.0AppointedFulton John SheenTitular Bishop of CaesarianaBishop Emeritus of Rochester, New York, USA
44.6AppointedMaxime TessierAuxiliary Bishop of Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaBishop Emeritus of Timmins, Ontario, Canada
44.6AppointedMaxime TessierTitular Bishop of ChristopolisBishop Emeritus of Timmins, Ontario, Canada
29 May42.0AppointedGuido Maria CasulloBishop of Nusco, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Cândido Mendes, Brazil
40.6AppointedLoras Thomas LaneAuxiliary Bishop of Dubuque, Iowa, USABishop of Rockford, Illinois, USA
40.6AppointedLoras Thomas LaneTitular Bishop of BencennaBishop of Rockford, Illinois, USA
BornMaximino Martínez MirandaAuxiliary Bishop of Toluca, México, México
60.0AppointedWilhelm WeskammBishop of Berlin, Germany
50.9InstalledManuel Porcia YapBishop of Capiz, PhilippinesBishop of Bacolod, Philippines
30 May BornFernando Armindo Lugo Méndez, S.V.D.
31 May85.7DiedDennis Joseph DoughertyCardinal, Archbishop of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
33.3Ordained PriestJoseph Fan Zhong-Liang, S.J. †Priest of Society of JesusBishop of Shanghai [Shanghai], China
BornJosé Isidro Guerrero MacíasBishop of Mexicali, Baja California Norte, México
31.6Ordained PriestPaul Li Zhenrong, S.J. †Priest of Society of JesusBishop of Xianxian [Sienhsien], China
1 Jun BornBarnaba Yousif Benham HabashBishop of Our Lady of Deliverance in the United States (Syrian)
26.5Ordained PriestJohn Aloysius O’MaraPriest of Toronto, Ontario, CanadaBishop Emeritus of Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada
29.1Ordained PriestIgnacio María de Orbegozo y GoicoecheaPriest of Opus DeiBishop of Chiclayo, Peru
25.2Ordained PriestAntônio Sarto, S.D.B. †Priest of Salesians of Saint John BoscoBishop Emeritus of Barra do Garças, Mato Grosso, Brazil
2 Jun24.5Ordained PriestPaul Vincent DudleyPriest of Saint Paul, Minnesota, USABishop Emeritus of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA
3 Jun53.3AppointedPablo Gúrpide BeopeBishop of Sigüenza, SpainBishop of Bilbao, Spain
65.4DiedGerald C. Murray, C.SS.R. †Coadjutor Archbishop of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
116.0BeatifiedSt. Giuseppe Melchiorre SartoPope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
4 Jun BornRutilo Muñoz ZamoraBishop of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, México
5 Jun BornAlberto Campos Hernández, O.F.M.Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of San José del Amazonas, Peru
6 Jun BornJesse Eugenio MercadoBishop of Parañaque, Philippines
BornMichele SecciaArchbishop of Lecce, Italy
7 JunBornGeorg Müller, SS.CC. †Prelate Emeritus of Trondheim, Norway
26.6Ordained DeaconStephen SulykDeacon of United States of America (Ukrainian), PennsylvaniaArchbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia (Ukrainian), Pennsylvania, USA
8 Jun29.3Ordained PriestJacques Lê Văn MẫnPriest of Huê, Viet NamAuxiliary Bishop of Huế, Viet Nam
AppointedJohn Yang Feng-Shu, O.F.M. †Prefect of Yiduxian [Iduhsien], ChinaPrefect Emeritus
9 Jun BornHarold Anthony PereraBishop of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
25.6Ordained PriestJohn Joseph SnyderPriest of Brooklyn, New York, USABishop Emeritus of Saint Augustine, Florida, USA
27.1Ordained PriestJohn Baptist Wang JinPriest of Taiyuan [Taiyüan], ChinaBishop of Yuci [Yütze], China
10 Jun61.7Ordained BishopRaffaele BarattaBishop of Rieti (-S. Salvatore Maggiore), ItalyArchbishop Emeritus of Perugia, Italy
BornIsaac Amani MassaweArchbishop of Arusha, Tanzania
BornFrank Richard SpencerAuxiliary Bishop of United States of America, Military
11 Jun56.7DiedCipriano Cassini, S.J. †Bishop of Bengbu [Pengpu, Peng-Fou], China
BornFrancisco Fortunato de GouveiaBishop Emeritus of Oudtshoorn, South Africa
64.0AppointedLeone Giacomo Ossola, O.F.M. Cap. †Titular Archbishop of Hierapolis in SyriaBishop Emeritus of Novara, Italy
64.0ResignedLeone Giacomo Ossola, O.F.M. Cap. †Bishop of Novara, ItalyBishop Emeritus
56.0Ordained BishopFulton John SheenTitular Bishop of CaesarianaBishop Emeritus of Rochester, New York, USA
13 Jun BornJosé Crispiano Clavijo MéndezBishop of Sincelejo, Colombia
25.7Solemn VowsCândido Lorenzo González, O. de M. †Member of Order of Our Lady of MercyBishop Emeritus of São Raimundo Nonato, Piaui, Brazil
BornAntonio Santarsiero Rosa, O.S.I.Bishop of Huacho, Peru
14 Jun39.6AppointedLuigi BoccadoroBishop of Acquapendente, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Viterbo, Acquapendente, Bagnoregio, Montefiascone, Tuscania e San Martino al Monte Cimino, Italy
39.6AppointedLuigi BoccadoroBishop of Montefiascone, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Viterbo, Acquapendente, Bagnoregio, Montefiascone, Tuscania e San Martino al Monte Cimino, Italy
BornVittorio LanzaniSecretary Emeritus of the Fabric of St. Peter
59.9AppointedJean Baptiste Trần Hữu ÐứcVicar Apostolic of Vinh, Viet NamBishop of Vinh, Viet Nam
59.9AppointedJean Baptiste Trần Hữu ÐứcTitular Bishop of NiciusBishop of Vinh, Viet Nam
47.1AppointedAlphonse Zhong Huaimo (Tsung Huai-mo), O.F.M. †Bishop of Yantai [Yentai], China
74.1AppointedJean de Vienne de Hautefeuille, C.M. †Titular Bishop of AboraBishop Emeritus of Tianjin [Tientsin], China
74.1RetiredJean de Vienne de Hautefeuille, C.M. †Bishop of Tianjin [Tientsin], ChinaBishop Emeritus
46.1AppointedHermann Westermann, S.V.D. †Bishop of Sambalpur, IndiaBishop Emeritus
15 Jun53.4AppointedPaul Su Pai-lu (Su Xida)Apostolic Administrator of Yongjia/Wenzhou [Yungkia], China
16 Jun24.4Ordained PriestFrancis Thomas HurleyPriest of San Francisco, California, USAArchbishop Emeritus of Anchorage, Alaska, USA
52.5Ordained BishopEmile-Charles-Raymond PirolleyBishop of Mende, FranceBishop of Nancy (-Toul), France
17 Jun24.1Ordained PriestEamon CaseyPriest of Limerick, IrelandBishop Emeritus of Galway and Kilmacduagh, Ireland
24.6Ordained PriestMaurice Couture, R.S.V. †Priest of Religieux de Saint Vincent de PaulArchbishop Emeritus of Québec, Canada
24.6Ordained PriestÁrpád Fábián, O. Praem. †Priest of Order of the Canons Regular of Premontre; NorbertinesBishop of Szombathely, Hungary
25.8Ordained PriestThomas Anthony FinneganPriestBishop Emeritus of Killala, Ireland
42.4InstalledZdzisław GolińskiBishop of Częstochowa, Poland
25.3Ordained PriestFrancis Joseph MacKiernanPriest of Kilmore, IrelandBishop Emeritus
22.5Ordained PriestJuan Martí AlanisPriestBishop Emeritus of Urgell, Spain
46.4Ordained BishopNatale MosconiBishop of Comacchio, ItalyArchbishop Emeritus of Ferrara, Italy
46.1Ordained BishopIlario RoattaBishop of Norcia, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Italy
66.0DiedFrancisco Javier Valdivia PinedoFormer Bishop-Elect of Linares, Chile
18 Jun BornEphrem Yousif Abba MansoorArchbishop of Baghdad (Syrian), Iraq
69.4DiedJean-Joseph PaysBishop of Carcassonne, France
20 Jun30.4Ordained PriestJohn Bai NingxianPriestBishop
BornĐuro GašparovićBishop Emeritus of Srijem, Serbia
40.8AppointedGordon Joseph GrayArchbishop of Saint Andrews and Edinburgh, Scotland, Great BritainCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus
BornStefan RegmuntBishop Emeritus of Zielona Góra-Gorzów, Poland
50.4AppointedJosef SchoiswohlTitular Bishop of PhyteaBishop Emeritus of Graz-Seckau, Austria
49.7AppointedFrancis Raymond Walsh, M. Afr. †Bishop of Aberdeen, Scotland, Great BritainBishop Emeritus
21 Jun48.4AppointedÉmile Élie Verhille, C.S.Sp. †Vicar Apostolic of Fort-Rousset, CongoBishop Emeritus of Fort-Rousset, Congo
48.4AppointedÉmile Élie Verhille, C.S.Sp. †Titular Bishop of CernitzaBishop Emeritus of Fort-Rousset, Congo
22 Jun43.4AppointedVictor Van Beurden, SS.CC. †Prefect of Kole, Congo (Dem. Rep.)Bishop Emeritus of Kole, Congo (Dem. Rep.)
BornPablo Vizcaino PradoBishop of Suchitepéquez-Retalhuleu, Guatemala
23 Jun51.7AppointedThomas Arthur ConnollyArchbishop of Seattle, Washington, USAArchbishop Emeritus
24 Jun43.4Ordained BishopPeter Joseph Fan XueyanBishop of Baoding [Paoting, Ching-Yüan], China
BornJuan Bautista Gavilán VelásquezBishop of Coronel Oviedo, Paraguay
26.4Ordained PriestJózef Kazimierz KluzPriest of Gdańsk, PolandAuxiliary Bishop
48.9Ordained BishopJoseph Li Taonan (Li Daonan)Bishop of Puqi [Puchi], China
53.4Ordained BishopSisto Mazzoldi, F.S.C.J. †Titular Bishop of LamusBishop Emeritus of Moroto, Uganda
24.8Ordained PriestEmilio Lorenzo StehlePriest of Freiburg im Breisgau, GermanyBishop Emeritus of Santo Domingo de los Colorados, Ecuador
24.2Ordained PriestRembert George Samuel Weakland, O.S.B. †Priest of Order of Saint BenedictArchbishop Emeritus of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
25 Jun45.1AppointedPedro José Rivera MejíaAuxiliary Bishop of Santa Marta, ColombiaBishop Emeritus of Socorro y San Gil, Colombia
45.1AppointedPedro José Rivera MejíaTitular Bishop of EdistianaBishop Emeritus of Socorro y San Gil, Colombia
26 Jun BornJuan Pedro Juárez MeléndezBishop of Tula, Hidalgo, México
BornFrancesco ManentiBishop of Senigallia, Italy
27 Jun72.3AppointedJoseph Henry Leo SchlarmanArchbishop (Personal Title) of Peoria, Illinois, USABishop
28 Jun BornGiuseppe GiulianoBishop of Lucera-Troia, Italy
66.6DiedJosé de Jesús Manríquez y ZárateBishop Emeritus of Huejutla, Hidalgo, México
29 Jun25.5Ordained PriestJoão AlvesPriestBishop Emeritus of Coimbra, Portugal
50.3Ordained BishopGiuseppe AmiciBishop of Troia, ItalyArchbishop Emeritus of Modena (e Nonantola), Italy
BornCharles Daniel BalvoApostolic Nuncio to Australia
27.8Ordained PriestLucien-Emile BardonnePriestBishop Emeritus of Châlons, France
45.9Ordained BishopStjepan BäuerleinTitular Bishop of Heraclea PonticaBishop of Djakovo o Bosna i Srijem, Croatia
24.7Ordained PriestRicardo María Carles GordóPriest of Valencia, SpainCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus of Barcelona, Spain
39.0Ordained BishopPietro Luigi Carretto, S.D.B. †Titular Bishop of ZenobiasBishop Emeritus of Surat Thani, Thailand
66.1AppointedJosé Maria Diosomito CuencoArchbishop of Jaro, Philippines
23.1Ordained PriestGiovanni De AndreaPriest of Ivrea, ItalyVice President Emeritus of the Labour Office of the Apostolic See
24.0Ordained PriestGuy Gérard DeroubaixPriest of Lille, FranceBishop of Saint-Denis, France
23.3Ordained PriestGiulio EinaudiPriest of Saluzzo, ItalyApostolic Nuncio
24.6Ordained PriestEugène-Marie ErnoultPriestArchbishop Emeritus of Sens (-Auxerre), France
28.6Ordained PriestManuel Franco da Costa de Oliveira FalcãoPriestBishop Emeritus of Beja, Portugal
26.2Ordained PriestAntonio José González ZumárragaPriest of Quito, EcuadorCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus
60.4AppointedGilla Vincenzo Gremigni, M.S.C. †Bishop of Novara, Italy
62.3AppointedJames Thomas Gibbons Hayes, S.J. †Archbishop of Cagayan de Oro, PhilippinesArchbishop Emeritus
39.6Ordained BishopMaxim (Maksym) Hermaniuk, C.SS.R. †Titular Bishop of SinnaArchbishop Emeritus of Winnipeg (Ukrainian), Manitoba, Canada
28.8Ordained PriestAugustinus Hu DaguoPriestBishop of Guiyang [Kweyang], China
24.8Ordained PriestRaúl Holguer López MayorgaPriestBishop Emeritus of Latacunga, Ecuador
24.4Ordained PriestPaolo MagnaniPriest of Pavia, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Treviso, Italy
50.7Ordained BishopLéon-Adolphe Messmer, O.F.M. Cap. †Titular Bishop of CoropissusBishop Emeritus of Ambanja, Madagascar
51.4Ordained BishopGérard Mongeau, O.M.I. †Titular Bishop of DianaArchbishop Emeritus of Cotabato, Philippines
27.7Ordained PriestLeonard James Olivier, S.V.D. †Priest of Society of the Divine WordAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Washington, District of Columbia, USA
26.4Ordained PriestGeorges Marcel Émile Nicolas Perron, O.F.M. Cap. †Priest of Order of Friars Minor CapuchinBishop Emeritus of Djibouti
24.2Ordained PriestJoseph RatzingerPriest of München und Freising {Munich}, GermanyPope Emeritus of Roma {Rome}, Italy
28.4Ordained PriestAntonio Riboldi, I.C. †Priest of Institute of CharityBishop Emeritus of Acerra, Italy
26.5Ordained PriestAngelo Maria Rivato, S.J. †PriestBishop Emeritus of Ponta de Pedras, Para, Brazil
71.0AppointedSantiago Caragnan SanchoArchbishop of Nueva Segovia, Philippines
62.0AppointedPedro Paulo Santos SongcoArchbishop of Caceres (Nueva Caceres), Philippines
27.9Ordained PriestFranz Xaver SchwarzenböckPriest of München und Freising {Munich}, GermanyAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
23.2Ordained PriestJosé María Setién AlberroPriest of San Sebastián, SpainBishop Emeritus
22.0Ordained DeaconPier Giuliano TiddiaDeacon of Cagliari, ItalyArchbishop Emeritus of Oristano, Italy
30.6Ordained PriestHeinrich von Soden-FraunhofenPriestAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of München und Freising {Munich}, Germany
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