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The Year of Our Lord 1842

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September to December

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
Sep45.6ResignedEfisio CasulaBishop-Elect of Alghero, ItalyFormer Bishop-Elect
4 SepBornLajos RajnerAuxiliary Bishop of Esztergom, Hungary
6 SepBornVictor-Onésime-Quirin LauransBishop of Cahors, France
7 SepResigned OllivierPrefect of Iles Saint-Pierre et MiquelonPrefect Emeritus
8 Sep31.7ProfessedGuillaume Marie Douarre, S.M. †Member of Society of MaryVicar Apostolic of Archipelago of the Navigators {Arcipelago dei Navigatori}, American Samoa, Pacific (Oceania)
32.1Ordained PriestWalter Herman Jacobus Steins, S.J. †Priest of Society of JesusBishop of Auckland, New Zealand
10 Sep47.2SelectedAntonio GavaBishop of Belluno e Feltre, ItalyBishop Emeritus
22.5Ordained PriestElzéar-Alexandre TaschereauPriest of Québec, CanadaCardinal, Archbishop
11 Sep43.3Ordained BishopEleonoro AronneTitular Bishop of LystraBishop of Montalto (delle Marche), Italy
13 SepBornJan Maurycy Pawel Puzyna z KosielskoCardinal, Bishop of Kraków, Poland
14 Sep16.6Ordained PriestAtanasio Raffaele CiarchiPriestArchbishop of Baghdad (Syrian), Iraq
18 Sep44.7Ordained BishopWilhelm ArnoldiBishop of Trier, Germany
61.8Ordained BishopFernando Cuero y Caicedo, O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop of Popayán, Colombia
20 Sep32.9AppointedGiuseppe Maria AlbertiArchbishop of Naxos, GreeceBishop of Syros (e Milos), Greece
BornDiomede Angelo Raffaele Gennaro Falconio, O.F.M. Ref. †Cardinal, Prefect of the Congregation of the Affairs of Religious
42.1AppointedJacobus GrooffVicar Apostolic of Batavia, Indonesia
42.1AppointedJacobus GrooffTitular Bishop of CaneaVicar Apostolic of Batavia, Indonesia
BornEudoxe-Irénée-Edouard MignotArchbishop of Albi, France
46.3AppointedMartinus Johannes NiewindtVicar Apostolic of Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, Antilles
46.3AppointedMartinus Johannes NiewindtTitular Bishop of ChytriVicar Apostolic of Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, Antilles
30.3AppointedCharles William RussellVicar Apostolic of Ceylon, Sri LankaVicar Apostolic Emeritus
30.3AppointedCharles William RussellTitular Bishop of AmyzonVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Ceylon, Sri Lanka
21 Sep43.8Ordained BishopJean-Baptiste-Pierre-Léonard BerteaudBishop of Tulle, FranceBishop Emeritus
BornGiacomo (Alexander) Ghezzi, O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop of Civita Castellana, Orte e Gallese, Italy
BornAlfred-Jules MélissonBishop Emeritus of Blois, France
77.5DiedAntonio Maria TraversiTitular Patriarch of Constantinople
22 Sep24.9Ordained PriestEdward John HoranPriestBishop Emeritus of Kingston, Ontario, Canada
24 Sep26.2Ordained PriestPaolo di NiquesaPriestBishop of Aquino, Sora, e Pontecorvo, Italy
BornLaurence GaughranBishop of Meath, Ireland
22.9Ordained PriestEugène Amable Jean Claude Lachat, C.Pp.S. †Priest of Society of Precious BloodBishop Emeritus of Basel, Switzerland
23.4Ordained PriestSerafino Milani, O.F.M. Obs. †Priest of Order of Observant Friars MinorBishop Emeritus of Pontremoli, Italy
24.3Ordained PriestAchilles RinaldiniPriestTitular Bishop of Cyrene
25 Sep52.3Ordained BishopManuel José Pardio LizamaTitular Bishop of GermanicopolisAuxiliary Bishop of Yucatán (Mérida), México
48.1Ordained BishopRené-François RégnierBishop of Angoulême, FranceCardinal, Archbishop of Cambrai, France
26 Sep37.8SelectedPaul-Georges-Marie Dupont des LogesBishop of Metz, France
46.4SelectedDominique-Augustin DufêtreBishop of Nevers, France
27 Sep42.0AppointedPietro-Raffaele Arduini, O.F.M. Conv. †Coadjutor Bishop of Syros (e Milos), GreeceBishop of Alghero, Italy
30 Sep52.8AppointedWilliam Dollard (Dullard)Bishop of Saint John in America, New Brunswick, Canada
BornAuguste-René-Marie DubourgCardinal, Archbishop of Rennes (-Dol-Saint-Malo), France
2 Oct34.4Ordained BishopPeter Josef BlumBishop of Limburg, Germany
3 Oct41.2AppointedEdward BarronVicar Apostolic of Two Guineas and Senegambia {Guinea Superiore e Inferiore e di Sierra Leone}, GabonVicar Apostolic Emeritus
41.2AppointedEdward BarronTitular Bishop of ConstantinaVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Two Guineas and Senegambia {Guinea Superiore e Inferiore e di Sierra Leone}, Gabon
4 Oct48.2InstalledRené-François RégnierBishop of Angoulême, FranceCardinal, Archbishop of Cambrai, France
7 Oct69.0DiedMichele BaroneBishop of Capaccio, Italy
9 Oct43.8Ordained BishopJean-Jacques-David BardouBishop of Cahors, France
12 Oct22.9Ordained PriestPierre BostaniPriestArchbishop of Tyr (Maronite), Lebanon
15 Oct55.2SelectedJean-Jacques FayetBishop of Orléans, France
48.0SelectedJean-Nicaise GrosBishop of Saint-Dié, FranceBishop of Versailles, France
16 OctBornSt. Antonino Fantosati, O.F.M. Ref. †Vicar Apostolic of Southern Hunan {Hu-Nan Meridionale}, China
23.0Ordained PriestCharles-François-Calixte MorissonPriest of Montréal, Québec, Canada
17 Oct22.5Ordained PriestJosé María Gelabert y CrespoPriestBishop of Paraná, Argentina
18 Oct26.5Ordained PriestHenricus van BeekPriestBishop of Breda, Netherlands
31.8Ordained BishopGuillaume Marie Douarre, S.M. †Titular Bishop of Amathus in PalaestinaVicar Apostolic of Archipelago of the Navigators {Arcipelago dei Navigatori}, American Samoa, Pacific (Oceania)
22 OctBornÉtienne-Joseph-Frédéric TanouxBishop of Martinique (Fort-de-France e Saint Pierre), Martinique, Antilles
23 Oct54.1DiedMichael Johann WagnerBishop of Sankt Pölten, Austria
24 OctBornLeopold SchusterBishop of Seckau, Austria
25 OctBornLuciano GentilucciBishop of Fabriano e Matelica, Italy
27 Oct47.5ConfirmedAdalbert Josef LidmanskyBishop of Gurk, Austria
28 OctBornLouis-Henri-Joseph LuçonCardinal, Archbishop of Reims, France
47.8Ordained BishopRobert William Willson (Wilson)Bishop of Hobart, AustraliaBishop Emeritus
30 Oct47.5Ordained BishopAdalbert Josef LidmanskyBishop of Gurk, Austria
1 Nov41.3Ordained BishopEdward BarronTitular Bishop of ConstantinaVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Two Guineas and Senegambia {Guinea Superiore e Inferiore e di Sierra Leone}, Gabon
BornFélix-Adolphe-Camille-Jean-Baptiste GuillibertBishop of Fréjus, France
7 Nov84.6DiedAgostino RivarolaCardinal, Priest of Roma {Rome}, Italy
10 Nov52.1SelectedManfredo Giovanni Battista BellatiBishop of Ceneda, Italy
11 Nov44.1SelectedToma JedrlinićBishop of Dubrovnik (Ragusa), Croatia
72.0DiedNiccolò MazzoniBishop of Terni, Italy
12 NovBornMartíno García y Alcocer, O.F.M. Disc. †Bishop Emeritus of Cebu, Philippines
13 Nov22.7Ordained PriestGiuseppe Antonio Virdia, O.F.M. Conv. †Priest of Order of Friars Minor ConventualBishop Emeritus of Cariati, Italy
20 NovBornDomenico Raffaele Francesco Marengo, O.P. †Archbishop of Izmir (Smirne), Turkey
24 Nov85.1DiedMichele PalmieriBishop of Monopoli, Italy
26 NovBornMarino RussoBishop of Marsi, Italy
27 Nov20.8ProfessedBernardino (Giuseppe) dal Vago (da Portogruaro), O.F.M. Ref. †Member of Order of Reformed Friars MinorTitular Archbishop of Serdica
28 Nov16.8ProfessedLeonardo de St. Louis Mellano, O.C.D. †Member of Order of Discalced CarmelitesBishop of Verapoly, India
29 Nov71.8DiedMarcos Antônio de SouzaBishop of São Luís do Maranhão, Brazil
30 Nov67.0Ordained BishopGiovanni SabaArchbishop of Oristano, Italy
50.1Ordained BishopPietro VargiùBishop of Ales e Terralba, Italy
5 DecBornPierre-Louis PéchenardBishop of Soissons (-Laon-Saint-Quentin), France
6 DecAppointedJohn Evangelist DatodiArchbishop of Naxos, GreeceFormer Archbishop-Elect
BornStefan Aleksander ZwierowiczBishop of Sandomierz, Poland
11 Dec71.4Ordained BishopJosé María Irigoyen y Munoz CanoTitular Bishop of AbderaAuxiliary Bishop of Antequera, Oaxaca, México
12 Dec76.8SelectedFrancisco de São Luiz (Manoel Justiniano) Saraiva, O.S.B. †Cardinal, Patriarch of Lisboa {Lisbon}, Portugal
14 Dec71.5DiedDominique-Marie SavyBishop Emeritus of Aire, France
16 Dec59.1SelectedJerónimo José da Costa RebêloBishop of Porto, Portugal
72.4SelectedPedro Paulo de Figuereido da Cunha e MeloCardinal, Archbishop of Braga, Portugal
49.8SelectedGuilherme Henriques de CarvalhoBishop of Leiria, PortugalCardinal, Patriarch of Lisboa {Lisbon}, Portugal
17 Dec23.6Ordained PriestPietro CappellariPriestBishop Emeritus of Concordia (Sagittaria), Italy
24.4Ordained PriestAdam Charles ClaessensPriestVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Batavia, Indonesia
18 DecBornRoberto Calai-MarioniTitular Bishop of Hesbon
81.9DiedAntonio Pérez de HiriasBishop of Mallorca, Spain
20 Dec78.3DiedJohn Dubois, P.S.S. †Bishop of New York, New York, USA
BornMosé HigueraAuxiliary Bishop of Medellín, Colombia
45.4SucceededJohn Joseph HughesBishop of New York, New York, USAArchbishop of New York, New York, USA
21 Dec42.3SelectedPietro-Raffaele Arduini, O.F.M. Conv. †Bishop of Alghero, Italy
26.6Ordained PriestWilliam O’HaraPriest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USABishop of Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
25 DecBornJean-Joseph TournierAuxiliary Bishop of Carthage, Tunisia
26 Dec68.1DiedMarcin von Dunin SulgostowskiArchbishop of Gniezno e Poznań, Poland
28 Dec72.5SelectedAnton Alois BuchmayerBishop of Sankt Pölten, Austria
31 Dec86.0DiedVitale LoschiBishop of Parma, Italy


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