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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
Jul23.1Ordained PriestJoseph RokossianPriestArchbishop of Istanbul (Armenian), Turkey
1 Jul67.7ResignedJosé Lino de OliveiraBishop of Angola e CongoBishop Emeritus
5 Jul26.2Ordained PriestTheodor KohnPriest of Olomouc, CzechiaArchbishop Emeritus
7 JulBornWenceslas Joseph Kinold, O.F.M. †Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Sapporo, Japan
BornNorbert-Georges-Pierre RousseauBishop of Le Puy-en-Velay, France
9 Jul38.4Ordained BishopAntonio Colomer, O.P. †Titular Bishop of ThemiscyraVicar Apostolic of Northern Tonking {Tonkino Settentrionale}, Viet Nam
BornAuguste-Léopold Huys, M. Afr. †Coadjutor Vicar Apostolic of Upper Congo {Congo Superiore}, Congo (Dem. Rep.)
63.6Ordained BishopJohann Valentin von ReißmannBishop of Würzburg, Germany
10 Jul60.5DiedArmand-René MaupointBishop of Saint-Denis-de-La Réunion
12 JulBornThomas William DrummBishop of Des Moines, Iowa, USA
14 Jul56.5AppointedIvan PavlešićAuxiliary Bishop of Zagreb, Croatia
56.5AppointedIvan PavlešićBishop of Beograd (-Smederevo), SerbiaAuxiliary Bishop of Zagreb, Croatia
15 JulBornJohn Bertram PetersonBishop of Manchester, New Hampshire, USA
BornPietro PisaniApostolic Delegate Emeritus to East Indies
16 Jul23.3Ordained PriestFrançois-Léon GautheyPriestArchbishop of Besançon, France
17 Jul75.2DiedVital-Honoré TirmarcheTitular Bishop of Adrasus
20 Jul22.8Ordained DeaconSandor PárvyDeacon of Eger, HungaryBishop of Spiš, Slovakia
22 Jul67.2DiedAlfonso Maria Cappetta (Cappelta)Bishop of Gravina e Irsina (Montepeloso), Italy
BornEmmanuel PharesTitular Bishop of Tarsus dei Maroniti
23 Jul53.4Ordained BishopJan Chryzostom JaniszenwskiTitular Bishop of ElusaAuxiliary Bishop of Gniezno e Poznań, Poland
23.9Ordained PriestSebastian Gebhard MessmerPriestArchbishop of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
25 Jul45.4Ordained BishopArmand-Joseph FavaBishop of Martinique (Fort-de-France e Saint Pierre), AntillesBishop of Grenoble, France
BornEnrico GasparriCardinal, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura
61.7Ordained BishopThéodore LegainBishop of Montauban, France
26 Jul70.8DiedFrançois-Augustin DelamareArchbishop of Auch, France
BornTiberio de Jesús Salazar y HerreraArchbishop of Medellín, Colombia
69.2DiedNicolas-Marie SergentBishop of Quimper [Cornouailles](-Léon), France
27 Jul65.3DiedAlexandeer Maria Teppa, B. †Superior General of Clerics Regular of St. Paul
28 Jul61.7DiedModeste DemersBishop of Vancouver Island, USA
30 Jul42.8Ordained BishopJózsef SamassaBishop of Spiš, SlovakiaCardinal, Archbishop of Eger, Hungary
2 Aug49.8DiedCesare Dalceggio, O.F.M. †Pro-Vicar Apostolic of Northwestern Hupeh {Hu-Pč Occiduo-Settentrionale}, China
3 AugBornMatthias EhrenfriedBishop of Würzburg, Germany
4 Aug34.6AppointedTommaso Gomes de AlmeidaBishop of Angola e CongoBishop of Guarda, Portugal
6 AugBornJoseph ThormanBishop of Hexham and Newcastle, England, Great Britain
7 AugBornFranz Joseph FischerAuxiliary Bishop of Rottenburg, Germany
8 Aug68.6SelectedJoseph Hippolyte Guibert, O.M.I. †Cardinal, Archbishop of Paris, France
10 Aug43.6SelectedJoseph-Christian-Ernest Bourret, C.O. †Cardinal, Bishop of Rodez (-Vabres), France
13 Aug23.9Ordained PriestKonrad von BuschPriest of Speyer, GermanyBishop
23.3Ordained DeaconWolfgang RadnaiDeaconBishop Emeritus of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
34.0Solemn VowsIsidore Robot, O.S.B. †Priest of Order of Saint BenedictPrefect Emeritus of Indian Territory, Oklahoma, USA
15 Aug29.7ProfessedHugh MacDonald, C.SS.R. †Priest of Congregation of the Most Holy RedeemerBishop of Aberdeen, Scotland, Great Britain
16 Aug23.3Ordained PriestWolfgang RadnaiPriestBishop Emeritus of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
19 AugBornJohn Bernard MacGinleyBishop Emeritus of Monterey-Fresno, California, USA
20 Aug54.2Ordained BishopIldefonso Giovanni Battista Borgna, O.C.D. †Titular Bishop of AmyzonVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Quilon, India
21 Aug24.8Ordained PriestJean-Baptiste Chausse, S.M.A. †Priest of Society of African MissionsVicar Apostolic of Costa di Benin, Nigeria
70.6DiedGiuseppe IannuzziBishop of Lucera, Italy
24 Aug52.8Ordained BishopLeopoldo Angelo Santanchč, O.F.M. Ref. †Titular Archbishop of AchridaBishop of Fabriano e Matelica, Italy
25 AugBornPaolo AlberaBishop of Mileto, Italy
36.0SucceededFrancesco Maria GranadoBishop of Cochabamba, Bolivia
53.0AppointedSalvatore Nobili VitelleschiCardinal, Secretary of the Congregation of Bishops and Regulars
74.8DiedRafael SalinasBishop of Cochabamba, Bolivia
27 Aug42.9InstalledJózsef SamassaBishop of Spiš, SlovakiaCardinal, Archbishop of Eger, Hungary
2 SepBornJames DuhigArchbishop of Brisbane, Australia
3 Sep40.7Ordained BishopJosé Dias Correia de CarvalhoBishop of Santiago de Cabo VerdeBishop of Viseu, Portugal
56.6Ordained BishopIvan PavlešićBishop of Beograd (-Smederevo), SerbiaAuxiliary Bishop of Zagreb, Croatia
8 Sep14.9ProfessedAmbrose (Tancredi Alfred) Agius, O.S.B. †Member of Order of Saint BenedictApostolic Delegate to Philippines
65.8DiedLodovico Maria (dei Conti) BesiVicar Apostolic Emeritus of Shantung {Scian-Ton} (Chan-tong), China
10 Sep42.6Ordained BishopAmérico Ferreira dos Santos SilvaCardinal, Bishop of Porto, Portugal
14 SepBornKarl Joseph SchulteCardinal, Archbishop of Köln {Cologne}, Germany
17 SepBornLuca Ermenegildo Pasetto, O.F.M. Cap. †Titular Patriarch of Alexandria {Alessandria}
47.7AppointedThomas SearsPrefect of Western Newfoundland (St. George’s), Canada
21 Sep27.2Ordained PriestLaureano Vérez de Acevedo, S.J. †Priest of Society of JesusTitular Bishop of Nyssa
22 Sep22.2Ordained PriestAndrea AiutiPriestCardinal, Apostolic Nuncio
42.6AppointedVital-Justin Grandin, O.M.I. †Bishop of Saint-Albert, Alberta, Canada
48.1AppointedAlexandre Antonin Taché, O.M.I. †Archbishop of Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, Canada
23 Sep23.9Ordained PriestGiuseppe BarillariPriestCoadjutor Bishop of Cariati, Italy
24.6Ordained PriestManuel María Cerero y SolerPriestBishop of Segorbe, Spain
47.9SelectedArnold Ipolyi-StummerBishop of Banská Bystrica, SlovakiaBishop of Oradea Mare {Gran Varadino, Nagyvárad}, Romania
24.1Ordained PriestAntonio Maria JannottaPriestBishop of Aquino, Sora, e Pontecorvo, Italy
71.4DiedJoachim Anselmo Llorente y La FuenteBishop of San José de Costa Rica
22.5Ordained PriestAlbino Angelo Pardini, C.R.L. †Priest of Canons Regular of the Congregation of the Most Holy Saviour of the LateranBishop Emeritus of Foligno, Italy
24.2Ordained PriestAmilcare ToniettiPriestBishop Emeritus of Montalcino, Italy
25.6Ordained DeaconAntonio Sebastiăo ValenteDeaconPatriarch of East Indies, India
24 SepBornPaul Peter RhodeBishop of Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
27 Sep23.7Ordained PriestLaurent Marie Étienne MonnierPriestBishop of Troyes, France
BornIvan ŠarićArchbishop of Vrhbosna {Sarajevo}, Bosnia and Herzegovina
30 Sep24.0Ordained PriestWincenty KluczynskiPriestArchbishop Emeritus of Mohilev, Belarus
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