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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
1 Sep22.8Solemn VowsAnthony Sablan Apuron, O.F.M. Cap.Member of Order of Friars Minor CapuchinArchbishop Emeritus of Agaña, Guam, Pacific (Oceania)
3 Sep51.7Ordained BishopWilliam Michael CosgroveTitular Bishop of TrisipaBishop Emeritus of Belleville, Illinois, USA
45.9Ordained BishopPorfirio Rivera IliganBishop of Masbate, PhilippinesBishop Emeritus
47.4Ordained BishopJosé Méndez AsensioBishop of Tarazona, SpainArchbishop Emeritus of Granada, Spain
BornPius Sin HozelAuxiliary Bishop of Busan {Pusan}, Korea (South)
4 Sep56.8AppointedArtemio Gabriel CasasAuxiliary Bishop of Manila, PhilippinesArchbishop Emeritus of Jaro, Philippines
56.8AppointedArtemio Gabriel CasasTitular Bishop of Macriana MinorArchbishop Emeritus of Jaro, Philippines
5 Sep44.6AppointedNestor BihondaBishop of Muyinga, BurundiBishop Emeritus
91.2DiedJohn Mark GannonBishop Emeritus of Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
32.9AppointedStanislas KaburunguBishop of Ngozi, BurundiBishop Emeritus
40.4AppointedJoseph Kesenge WandangakonguBishop of Molegbe, Congo (Dem. Rep.)Bishop Emeritus
49.1AppointedAndré Makarakiza, M. Afr. †Archbishop of Gitega, BurundiArchbishop Emeritus
37.8AppointedRonald Austin MulkearnsCoadjutor Bishop of Ballarat, AustraliaBishop Emeritus
37.8AppointedRonald Austin MulkearnsTitular Bishop of CululiBishop Emeritus of Ballarat, Australia
33.7AppointedJoachim N’DayenCoadjutor Archbishop of Bangui, Central African RepublicArchbishop Emeritus
33.7AppointedJoachim N’DayenTitular Archbishop of CulusiArchbishop Emeritus of Bangui, Central African Republic
49.0AppointedPhocas NikwigizeBishop of Ruhengeri, RwandaBishop Emeritus
78.4AppointedGiuseppe Obert, P.I.M.E. †Titular Bishop of AbziriBishop Emeritus of Dinajpur, Bangladesh
78.4RetiredGiuseppe Obert, P.I.M.E. †Bishop of Dinajpur, BangladeshBishop Emeritus
41.3AppointedGustave Olombe Atelumbu MusilamuBishop of Wamba, Congo (Dem. Rep.)Bishop Emeritus
42.6AppointedMichael RozarioBishop of Dinajpur, BangladeshArchbishop Emeritus of Dhaka, Bangladesh
7 Sep53.0AppointedKarl Borromäus FlügelAuxiliary Bishop of Regensburg, GermanyAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus
53.0AppointedKarl Borromäus FlügelTitular Bishop of AltiburusAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Regensburg, Germany
64.9AppointedAlfred Bertram LevermanTitular Bishop of AltavaBishop Emeritus of Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
64.9ResignedAlfred Bertram LevermanBishop of Saint John, New Brunswick, CanadaBishop Emeritus
9 Sep41.6AppointedPaul AntakiPatriarchal Vicar of Egypt and Sudan (Melkite Greek)Protosyncellus Emeritus of Egypt and Sudan (Melkite Greek)
41.6AppointedPaul AntakiTitular Archbishop of NubiaProtosyncellus Emeritus of Egypt and Sudan (Melkite Greek)
24.2Perpetual VowsCamillo Ballin, M.C.C.I. †Member of Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of JesusVicar Apostolic of Northern Arabia, Bahrain
43.9AppointedGrégoire HaddadArchbishop of Beirut and Jbeil {Bairut e Gibail} (Melkite Greek), LebanonArchbishop Emeritus
45.8AppointedBoutros (Pierre) Raï, B.A. †Auxiliary Bishop of Antiochia {Antioch} (Melkite Greek), SyriaBishop of Nuestra Señora del Paraíso en México (Melkite Greek)
45.8AppointedBoutros (Pierre) Raï, B.A. †Titular Bishop of Edessa in Osrhoëne dei Greco-MelkitiBishop of Nuestra Señora del Paraíso en México (Melkite Greek)
52.0AppointedJoseph-Marie RayaArchbishop of Akka [San Giovanni d’Acri; Tolemaide] (Melkite Greek), IsraelArchbishop Emeritus
54.2AppointedSaba Youakim, B.S. †Auxiliary Bishop of Antiochia {Antioch} (Melkite Greek), SyriaArchbishop Emeritus of Petra e Filadelfia (Melkite Greek), Jordan
54.2AppointedSaba Youakim, B.S. †Titular Archbishop of ScythopolisArchbishop Emeritus of Petra e Filadelfia (Melkite Greek), Jordan
56.6AppointedElias ZoghbiArchbishop of Baalbek (Melkite Greek), LebanonArchbishop Emeritus
11 Sep BornJoaquim Proença DionísioAuxiliary Bishop of Porto, Portugal
38.4Ordained BishopFrancis Joseph GossmanTitular Bishop of AguntumBishop Emeritus of Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
BornEdilson de Souza SilvaAuxiliary Bishop of São Paulo, Brazil
12 Sep40.8Ordained BishopDaniel Anthony CroninTitular Bishop of EgnatiaArchbishop Emeritus of Hartford, Connecticut, USA
54.2Ordained BishopFrancis John MugaveroBishop of Brooklyn, New York, USABishop Emeritus
54.6Ordained BishopJacques Nguyễn Văn MầuBishop of Vĩnh Long, Viet NamBishop Emeritus
53.6Ordained BishopPascàsio Rettler, O.F.M. †Bishop of Bacabal, Maranhão, BrazilBishop Emeritus
13 Sep BornLuc René Michel MeyerBishop of Rodez (-Vabres), France
14 Sep53.5Ordained BishopMathias Dionys Albert Paul DefreggerTitular Bishop of Vicus AteriiAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of München und Freising {Munich}, Germany
59.7Ordained BishopErnst Tewes, C.O. †Titular Bishop of Villamagna in ProconsulariAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of München und Freising {Munich}, Germany
15 Sep52.8Ordained BishopJoseph BabanaBishop of Zaku (Chaldean), Iraq
27.3Solemn VowsJean-Pierre Grallet, O.F.M.Member of Order of Friars MinorArchbishop Emeritus of Strasbourg, France
65.5Ordained BishopGiuseppe MartinoliTitular Bishop of CamplumBishop Emeritus of Lugano, Switzerland
88.2DiedPedro Massa, S.D.B. †Prelate Emeritus of Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil
BornGabriel Antonio MestreArchbishop Emeritus of La Plata, Argentina
40.0Ordained BishopAlbert Tshomba YunguBishop of Tshumbe, Congo (Dem. Rep.)Bishop Emeritus
16 Sep65.6DiedAntoni PawłowskiBishop of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
19 Sep61.8SucceededAntônio Maria Alves de SiqueiraArchbishop of Campinas, Sao Paulo, BrazilArchbishop Emeritus
26.0Perpetual VowsGiovanni Migliorati, M.C.C.I. †Member of Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of JesusVicar Apostolic of Awasa, Ethiopia
73.0AppointedPaulo de Tarso CamposTitular Archbishop of GarbaArchbishop Emeritus of Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
73.0ResignedPaulo de Tarso CamposArchbishop of Campinas, Sao Paulo, BrazilArchbishop Emeritus
Born[ Zhang Tongli]Bishop of Shanghai [Shanghai], China
20 Sep BornGian Franco SabaArchbishop of Sassari, Italy
21 Sep27.0Ordained PriestHéctor Sabatino CardelliPriest of Rosario, ArgentinaBishop Emeritus of San Nicolás de los Arroyos, Argentina
58.6Ordained BishopBenvenuto MatteucciTitular Bishop of Forum PopiliiArchbishop Emeritus of Pisa, Italy
25.0Ordained PriestLázaro Pérez JiménezPriest of Yucatán, MéxicoBishop of Celaya, Guanajuato, México
23 Sep80.0DiedLuis Alonso MuñoyerroArchbishop of Spain, Military
24 Sep54.1AppointedGuglielmo GiaquintaApostolic Administrator of Tivoli, ItalyBishop Emeritus
54.1AppointedGuglielmo GiaquintaTitular Bishop of Hyccarum (Hyccara)Bishop Emeritus of Tivoli, Italy
25 Sep72.7AppointedPhilippe Côté, S.J. †Apostolic Administrator of Kinmen or Quemoy Islands and Matzu, TaiwanBishop of Xuzhou [Süchow], China
BornDražen KutlešaArchbishop of Zagreb, Croatia
26 Sep71.1AppointedAlphonse-Marie-Victor Fresnel, C.M. †Titular Bishop of SimininaBishop Emeritus of Fort-Dauphin, Madagascar
71.1ResignedAlphonse-Marie-Victor Fresnel, C.M. †Bishop of Fort-Dauphin, MadagascarBishop Emeritus
71.8AppointedJoseph Grueter, C.M.M. †Titular Bishop of AmmoniaceBishop Emeritus of Umtata, South Africa
71.8ResignedJoseph Grueter, C.M.M. †Bishop of Umtata, South AfricaBishop Emeritus
46.6AppointedErnst Heinrich Karlen, C.M.M. †Bishop of Umtata, South AfricaArchbishop Emeritus of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
50.5AppointedAndré Lesouëf, M.E.P. †Prefect of Kompong-Cham, CambodiaPrefect Emeritus
40.0Ordained BishopJoseph Crescent McKinneyTitular Bishop of LeontiumAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
36.8AppointedAlessandro Staccioli, O.M.I.Vicar Apostolic of Luang Prabang, LaosAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Siena-Colle di Val d’Elsa-Montalcino, Italy
36.8AppointedAlessandro Staccioli, O.M.I.Titular Bishop of TaurianumAuxiliary Bishop Emeritus of Siena-Colle di Val d’Elsa-Montalcino, Italy
34.7AppointedPaul Tep Im SothaPrefect of Battambang, Cambodia
43.1AppointedJean-Pierre-Dominique Zévaco, C.M. †Bishop of Fort-Dauphin, MadagascarBishop Emeritus of Tôlagnaro, Madagascar
28 Sep27.0Ordained PriestJosé de Jesús Martínez ZepedaPriest of México, Federal DistrictBishop Emeritus of Irapuato, Guanajuato, México
29 Sep11.3EnteredMarco Tasca, O.F.M. Conv.Member of Order of Friars Minor ConventualArchbishop of Genova {Genoa}, Italy
54.3Ordained BishopSaba Youakim, B.S. †Titular Archbishop of ScythopolisArchbishop Emeritus of Petra e Filadelfia (Melkite Greek), Jordan
30 Sep75.7DiedBryan Joseph McEntegartBishop Emeritus of Brooklyn, New York, USA
20.8EnteredAdel Zaky, O.F.M. †Member of Order of Friars MinorVicar Apostolic of Alexandria of Egypt {Alessandria di Egitto} (-Eliopoli di Egitto-Port-Said)
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