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Archdiocese of Campinas

Archidioecesis Campinensis

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  • João Inácio Müller, O.F.M., Archbishop
  • Gilberto Pereira Lopes, Archbishop Emeritus

Suffragan Dioceses

General Information

  • Type of Jurisdiction: Archdiocese
  • Elevated: 19 April 1958
  • Metropolitan See
  • Rite: Latin (or Roman)
  • State: Sao Paulo
  • Country: Brazil
  • Square Kilometers: 2,134 (824 Square Miles)
  • Conference Region: Sul 1
  • Official Web Site:
  • Mailing Address: Av. Aquidaban 144, Vila Lidia, 13026-510 Campinas, SP, Brazil
  • Telephone: (019)3519-3050

Historical Details

Past and Present Ordinaries

Historical Summary

Diocese of Campinas
7 June 1908ErectedDiocese of São Paulo Diocese of Botucatu (erected)
Diocese of Campinas (erected)
Diocese of Ribeirão Preto (erected)
Diocese of São Carlos do Pinhal (erected)
Diocese of Taubaté (erected)
24 July 1925Territory LostDiocese of Campinas
Archdiocese of São Paulo
Diocese of Bragança Paulista (erected)
26 February 1944Territory LostDiocese of Campinas (Capivari, Piracicaba, Rio das Pedras, Santa Bárbara d´Oeste, Santa Maria da Serra, and San Pedro) Diocese of Piracicaba (erected)
14 February 1958Territory AddedArchdiocese of São Paulo (Vinhedo) Diocese of Campinas
14 February 1958Territory LostDiocese of Campinas (Rio Claro, Santa Gertrudes, and Cordeirópolis) Diocese of Piracicaba
Archdiocese of Campinas
19 April 1958ElevatedDiocese of Campinas Archdiocese of Campinas
21 July 1958Territory AddedArchdiocese of Ribeirão Preto (Lerne, Piraçununga, and Porto Ferreira) Archdiocese of Campinas
21 July 1958Territory LostArchdiocese of Campinas (Mogí-Guassú) Archdiocese of Ribeirão Preto
7 November 1966Territory LostArchdiocese of Campinas (Louveira)
Archdiocese of São Paulo (Cabreúva, Cajamar, Campo Limpo, Itu, Itupeva, Jundiai, Pirapora do Bom Jesus, Santana do Parnaíba, Salto, and Varzea Paulista)
Diocese of Jundiaí (erected)
29 April 1976Territory LostArchdiocese of Campinas (Limeira, Iracemápolis, Americana, Nova Odessa, Conchai, Artur Nogueira, Cosmópolis, Araras, Lerne, Santa Cruz da Conceicão, Pirassununga, Porto Ferreira, and Descalvado)
Diocese of Piracicaba (Cordeirópolis and Analândia)
Diocese of Limeira (erected)
23 December 1997Territory LostArchdiocese of Campinas
Diocese of Limeira
Diocese of Amparo (erected) (Amparo, Aguas de Lindóia, Holambra, Itapira, Jaguariúna, Lindóia, Mogi Mirim, Monte Alegre do Sul, Pedreira, Santo Antonio de Posse, and Serra Negra)


YearCatholicsTotal PopulationPercent CatholicDiocesan PriestsReligious PriestsTotal PriestsCatholics Per PriestPermanent DeaconsMale ReligiousFemale ReligiousParishesSource
Diocese of Campinas
Archdiocese of Campinas

Note: Any changes in boundaries over time are not indicated in the above table.

Affiliated Bishops, Living

Affiliated Bishops, Deceased


  • Archdiocese of Campinas
    • Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Volume 50, Page 536, to Page 539
    • Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Volume 51, Page 90, to Page 94
    • Acta Apostolicae Sedis, Volume 51, Page 105, and Page 106


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