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YearAgeBishopEventTitleCurrent Title
1933 John Lee Hiong Fun-Yit YawBornArchbishop Emeritus of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
1934 João Maria Messi, O.S.M.BornBishop Emeritus of Barra do Piraí-Volta Redonda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1936 Gaspar Francisco Quintana Jorquera, C.M.F.BornBishop Emeritus of Copiapó, Chile
1944 Cesare NosigliaBornArchbishop of Torino {Turin}, Italy
1947 Giovanni D’Ercole, F.D.P.BornBishop of Ascoli Piceno, Italy
1949 Douglas RegattieriBornBishop of Cesena-Sarsina, Italy
1950 Enrico dal Covolo, S.D.B.BornRector Emeritus of the Pontifical Lateran University
1952 Jonny Eduardo Reyes Sequera, S.D.B.BornVicar Apostolic of Puerto Ayacucho, Venezuela
196824.0Jean-Pierre Bernard RicardOrdained PriestPriest of Marseille, FranceCardinal, Archbishop of Bordeaux (-Bazas), France
196925.3Stephen AthipozhiyilOrdained PriestPriest of Alleppey, IndiaBishop
197427.0Giovanni D’Ercole, F.D.P.Ordained PriestPriest of Sons of Divine ProvidenceBishop of Ascoli Piceno, Italy
36.2Felix Alaba Adeosin JobAppointedBishop of Ibadan, NigeriaArchbishop Emeritus of Ibadan, Nigeria
197555.9Aldo Mongiano, I.M.C.Ordained BishopTitular Bishop of NasaiBishop Emeritus of Roraima, Roraima, Brazil
49.8Jacques Marie Sébastien de Saint-BlanquatOrdained BishopBishop of Montauban, FranceBishop Emeritus
197625.2Fidel León Cadavid MarinOrdained PriestPriest of Medellín, ColombiaBishop of Sonsón-Rionegro, Colombia
198029.2Giuseppe MarcianteOrdained PriestPriest of Catania, ItalyBishop of Cefalù, Italy
43.7Stanisław NapierałaOrdained BishopTitular Bishop of San LeoneBishop Emeritus of Kalisz, Poland
198148.6Kelvin Edward FelixOrdained BishopArchbishop of Castries, Saint Lucia, AntillesCardinal, Archbishop Emeritus
198533.7Jean César Scarcella, C.R.A.ProfessedMember of Swiss Congregation of Canons Regular of Saint Maurice of AgauneAbbot of Saint-Maurice, Switzerland
25.0Socrates Buenaventura VillegasOrdained PriestPriest of Manila, PhilippinesArchbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan, Philippines
199052.9Charbel Georges Merhi, M.L.AppointedBishop of San Charbel en Buenos Aires (Maronite), ArgentinaBishop Emeritus
199128.4John Akinkunmi OyejolaOrdained PriestPriest of Oyo, NigeriaBishop of Osogbo, Nigeria
199645.2Đura GašparovićOrdained BishopTitular Bishop of MattianaBishop of Srijem, Serbia
66.4Tanios El KhouryOrdained BishopBishop of Saïdā (Sidone) (Maronite), LebanonBishop Emeritus
53.2Armand Henri Paul MaillardOrdained BishopBishop of Laval, FranceArchbishop Emeritus of Bourges, France
56.7Paul Nabil El-SayahOrdained BishopArchbishop of Haifa and the Holy Land {Haifa e Terra Santa} (Maronite), IsraelCurial Bishop Emeritus of Antiochia {Antioch} (Maronite), Lebanon
199858.9Zenon GrocholewskiAppointedPrefect of the Apostolic SignaturaCardinal, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for Catholic Education (for Institutes of Study)
56.0Marcelo Sánchez SorondoAppointedOfficial of the Roman Curia - Other
200025.4Steven Joseph LopesOrdained DeaconDeacon of San Francisco, California, USAOrdinary of The Chair of Saint Peter, USA
200148.4Albert LeGattOrdained BishopBishop of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CanadaArchbishop of Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, Canada
58.4Amândio José TomásAppointedAuxiliary Bishop of Évora, PortugalBishop Emeritus of Vila Real, Portugal
58.4Amândio José TomásAppointedTitular Bishop of Feradi MaiusBishop Emeritus of Vila Real, Portugal
200247.1Ibrahim Isaac Sedrak (Sidrak)ConfirmedBishop of Minya {Ermopoli Maggiore; Minieh} (Coptic), EgyptPatriarch of Alexandria {Alessandria} (Coptic), Egypt
200354.8Eliseo Antonio AriottiOrdained BishopTitular Archbishop of VibianaApostolic Nuncio to Paraguay
200552.7Anthony Alwyn Fernandes BarretoOrdained BishopBishop of Sindhudurg, India
200847.2Mauro ParmeggianiInstalledBishop of Tivoli, Italy
47.6Gualtiero SigismondiInstalledBishop of Foligno, Italy
201246.4Jaime Calderón CalderónOrdained BishopTitular Bishop of IomniumBishop of Tapachula, Chiapas, México
201350.8José Maria Chaves dos ReisOrdained BishopBishop of Abaetetuba, Para, Brazil
59.7Maurizio GervasoniInstalledBishop of Vigevano, Italy
201465.5Leopoldo José Brenes SolórzanoInstalledCardinal-Priest of San Gioacchino ai Prati di CastelloCardinal, Archbishop of Managua, Nicaragua
201566.9Salvatore LigorioAppointedArchbishop of Potenza-Muro Lucano-Marsico Nuovo, Italy
48.1Andrea MigliavaccaAppointedBishop of San Miniato, Italy
75.6Agostino SuperboRetiredArchbishop of Potenza-Muro Lucano-Marsico Nuovo, ItalyArchbishop Emeritus
201657.0Lodewijk AertsAppointedBishop of Brugge {Bruges}, Belgium
201856.8Victor Hugo BasabeAppointedApostolic Administrator of Barquisimeto, VenezuelaBishop of San Felipe, Venezuela
201967.3Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, M.C.C.I.AppointedCardinal-DeaconPresident of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue
67.3Miguel Ángel Ayuso Guixot, M.C.C.I.Elevated to CardinalPresident of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue
59.6Fridolin Ambongo Besungu, O.F.M. Cap.Elevated to CardinalArchbishop of Kinshasa, Congo (Dem. Rep.)
59.6Fridolin Ambongo Besungu, O.F.M. Cap.AppointedCardinal-PriestArchbishop of Kinshasa, Congo (Dem. Rep.)
73.2Michael F. Czerny, S.J.Elevated to CardinalUnder Secretary of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development
73.2Michael F. Czerny, S.J.AppointedCardinal-DeaconUnder Secretary of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development
80.3Eugenio Dal Corso, P.S.D.P.Elevated to CardinalBishop Emeritus of Benguela, Angola
80.3Eugenio Dal Corso, P.S.D.P.AppointedCardinal-PriestBishop Emeritus of Benguela, Angola
82.1Michael Louis Fitzgerald, M. Afr.Elevated to CardinalApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Egypt, Arab Republic of
82.1Michael Louis Fitzgerald, M. Afr.AppointedCardinal-PriestApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Egypt, Arab Republic of
71.2Juan de la Caridad García RodríguezElevated to CardinalArchbishop of San Cristobal de la Habana, Cuba
71.2Juan de la Caridad García RodríguezAppointedCardinal-PriestArchbishop of San Cristobal de la Habana, Cuba
61.1Jean-Claude Höllerich, S.J.Elevated to CardinalArchbishop of Luxembourg
61.1Jean-Claude Höllerich, S.J.AppointedCardinal-PriestArchbishop of Luxembourg
67.3Cristóbal López Romero, S.D.B.Elevated to CardinalArchbishop of Rabat, Morocco
67.3Cristóbal López Romero, S.D.B.AppointedCardinal-PriestArchbishop of Rabat, Morocco
53.8José Tolentino Calaça de MendonçaAppointedCardinal-DeaconArchivist of the Vatican Secret Archives
53.8José Tolentino Calaça de MendonçaElevated to CardinalArchivist of the Vatican Secret Archives
72.2Alvaro Leonel Ramazzini ImeriElevated to CardinalBishop of Huehuetenango, Guatemala
72.2Alvaro Leonel Ramazzini ImeriAppointedCardinal-PriestBishop of Huehuetenango, Guatemala
69.2Ignatius Suharyo HardjoatmodjoElevated to CardinalArchbishop of Jakarta, Indonesia
69.2Ignatius Suharyo HardjoatmodjoAppointedCardinal-PriestArchbishop of Jakarta, Indonesia
80.9Sigitas Tamkevičius, S.J.Elevated to CardinalArchbishop Emeritus of Kaunas, Lithuania
80.9Sigitas Tamkevičius, S.J.AppointedCardinal-PriestArchbishop Emeritus of Kaunas, Lithuania
63.9Matteo Maria ZuppiElevated to CardinalArchbishop of Bologna, Italy
63.9Matteo Maria ZuppiAppointedCardinal-PriestArchbishop of Bologna, Italy


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