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Active Bishops Near the Age Limit

BirthdateAgeNameCurrent Title
26 Jan 1939 Archbishop Cyrille Salim Bustros, S.M.S.P.Archbishop of Beirut and Jbeil {Bairut e Gibail} (Melkite Greek), Lebanon
8 Apr 1939 Edwin Frederick Cardinal O’BrienGrand Master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, Roman Curia
12 Nov 1940 Donald William Cardinal WuerlArchbishop of Washington, District of Columbia
13 May 1942 Bishop Alvaro Corrada del Rio, S.J.Bishop of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico
26 May 1942 Bishop George James RassasAuxiliary Bishop of Chicago, Illinois
18 Jun 1942 Bishop Joseph Anthony PepeBishop of Las Vegas, Nevada
30 Oct 1942 Bishop Francis Joseph KaneAuxiliary Bishop of Chicago, Illinois
6 Nov 1942 Bishop William Regis Fey, O.F.M. Cap.Bishop of Kimbe, Papua New Guinea
28 Dec 1942 Bishop Robert William MuenchBishop of Baton Rouge, Louisiana
17 Jan 1943 Bishop Thomas John CurryAuxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, California
25 Jan 1943 Bishop Daniel Thomas Turley Murphy, O.S.A.Bishop of Chulucanas, Peru
12 Feb 1943 Bishop Richard Edmund PatesBishop of Des Moines, Iowa
6 Mar 1943 Bishop Dominick John LagonegroAuxiliary Bishop of New York, New York
9 Apr 1943 Bishop Armando Xavier OchoaBishop of Fresno, California
24 Apr 1943 Bishop Shlemon WarduniCurial Bishop of Babylon {Babilonia} (Chaldean), Iraq
3 May 1943 Bishop John Anthony DooherAuxiliary Bishop of Boston, Massachusetts
14 May 1943 Archbishop Stephen Joseph Reichert, O.F.M. Cap.Archbishop of Madang, Papua New Guinea
18 Jun 1943 Bishop Robert Joseph CunninghamBishop of Syracuse, New York
10 Jul 1943 Archbishop Joseph Augustine Di Noia, O.P.Official of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Roman Curia
5 Aug 1943 Bishop Frederick Francis CampbellBishop of Columbus, Ohio
1 Sep 1943 Bishop Curtis John Guillory, S.V.D.Bishop of Beaumont, Texas
8 Sep 1943 Bishop Michael Joseph BransfieldBishop of Wheeling-Charleston, West Virginia
12 Sep 1943 Bishop Paul Joseph SwainBishop of Sioux Falls, South Dakota
4 Dec 1943 Bishop Pablo Ervin Schmitz Simon, O.F.M. Cap.Bishop of Bluefields, Nicaragua
18 Jan 1944 Bishop William Francis MaloolyBishop of Wilmington, Delaware
22 Feb 1944 Bishop Richard Brendan HigginsAuxiliary Bishop of United States of America, Military
7 Mar 1944 Bishop John Joseph JenikAuxiliary Bishop of New York, New York
18 Apr 1944 Bishop Arthur Joseph SerratelliBishop of Paterson, New Jersey
4 Jun 1944 Bishop Robert Joseph BakerBishop of Birmingham, Alabama
12 Jun 1944 Bishop John BuraAuxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia (Ukrainian), Pennsylvania
16 Jun 1944 Bishop Nicholas Anthony DiMarzioBishop of Brooklyn, New York
28 Jun 1944 Bishop Edward Kenneth BraxtonBishop of Belleville, Illinois
29 Jun 1944 Seán Patrick Cardinal O’Malley, O.F.M. Cap.Archbishop of Boston, Massachusetts
30 Jun 1944 Archbishop Robert James CarlsonArchbishop of Saint Louis, Missouri
15 Aug 1944 Bishop Nicholas James SamraBishop of Newton (Our Lady of the Annunciation in Boston) (Melkite Greek)
24 Aug 1944 Archbishop Edward Joseph AdamsApostolic Nuncio to Great Britain
26 Sep 1944 Archbishop Charles Joseph Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.Archbishop of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
15 Nov 1944 Patriarch Ignace Joseph III (Ephrem) YounanPatriarch of Antiochia {Antioch} (Syrian), Lebanon
26 Nov 1944 Bishop Donald Joseph KettlerBishop of Saint Cloud, Minnesota
16 Feb 1945 Bishop Edward Michael GroszAuxiliary Bishop of Buffalo, New York


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