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The Year of Our Lord 1930

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unknownCatholic Foreign Mission Society of America Approbation
unknownTitular See of Druzipara Name ChangedTitular See of Drizipara Name Changed
11 JanDelegation to Africa for the Missions Established
25 JanVicariate Apostolic of Tsinchow [Tianshui], China Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Pingliang [Pingliang], China Erected
27 JanDiocese of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Chiquitos, Bolivia Erected
31 JanArchdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Territory LostDiocese of Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan, Canada Erected
12 FebDiocese of Rockhampton, Australia Territory LostDiocese of Townsville, Australia Erected
14 FebVicariate Apostolic of Lanchowfu, China Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Sinkiang [Xinjiang-Urumqi], China Erected
19 FebPrefecture Apostolic of Canelos e Macas, Ecuador Name ChangedPrefecture Apostolic of Canelos, Ecuador Name Changed
3 MarInstitute of the Josephites of Belgium Approbation
30 MarVicariate Apostolic of Mariannhill, South Africa Territory LostPrefecture Apostolic of Umtata, South Africa Erected
26 MayDiocese of Quilon, India Territory LostDiocese of Kottar, India Erected
26 MayDiocese of Kumbakonam, India
Diocese of Mysore, India
Archdiocese of Pondicherry, India
Territory LostDiocese of Salem, India Erected
31 MayPrefecture Apostolic of Northern Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Northern Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea Elevated
31 MayPrefecture Apostolic of Caquetá, Colombia ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Caquetá, Colombia Elevated
31 MayPrefecture Apostolic of Wuchang [Wuchang], China ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Wuchang [Wuchang], China Elevated
5 JunArchdiocese of Bucarest {Bucureşti}, Romania (became a Metropolitan) Elevated
5 JunDiocese of Gherla, Armenopoli, Szamos-Ujvár (Romanian), Romania Name ChangedDiocese of Cluj-Gherla (Romanian), Romania Name Changed
5 JunDiocese of Maramureş (Romanian), Romania Erected
5 JunApostolic Administration of Timişoara, Romania ElevatedDiocese of Timişoara, Romania Elevated
5 JunOrdinariate of Romania (Armenian) Erected
5 JunDiocese of Oradea Mare {Gran Varadino, Nagyvárad}, Romania
Diocese of Satu Mare {Szatmár}, Romania
UnitedDiocese of Oradea Mare {Gran Varadino, Nagyvárad} and Satu Mare {Szatmár}, Romania United
10 JunMissionaries of Workers Decretum Laudis
30 JunVicariate Apostolic of Bangkok, Thailand Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Rajaburi, Thailand Erected
30 JunVicariate Apostolic of Nanning [Nanning], China Territory LostMission "Sui Iuris" of Wuchow [Wuzhou], China Erected
4 JulOrdinariate of Eritrea (Ethiopian), Eritrea Erected
14 JulPrefecture Apostolic of Great Namaqualand, Namibia ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Great Namaqualand, Namibia Elevated
14 JulArchdiocese of Verapoly, India Territory LostDiocese of Vijayapuram, India Erected
23 JulVicariate Apostolic of Changsha [Changsha], China Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Hengchow [Hengyang], China Erected
23 JulPrefecture Apostolic of Matadi, Congo (Dem. Rep.) ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Matadi, Congo (Dem. Rep.) Elevated
1 AugDiocese of Lead, South Dakota, USA Name ChangedDiocese of Rapid City, South Dakota, USA Name Changed
13 AugArchdiocese of Köln {Cologne}, Germany Territory LostDiocese of Aachen, Germany Erected
13 AugDiocese of Wrocław (Breslau), Poland Territory LostDiocese of Berlin, Germany Erected
13 AugDiocese of Paderborn, Germany ElevatedArchdiocese of Paderborn, Germany Elevated
13 AugDiocese of Wrocław (Breslau), Poland ElevatedArchdiocese of Wrocław {Breslavia}, Poland Elevated
13 AugVicariate Apostolic of North German Missions {Germania Settentrionale} SuppressedDiocese of Osnabrück, Germany
Archdiocese of Paderborn, Germany
Territory Added
13 AugApostolic Administration of Schneidemühl, Poland ElevatedTerritorial Prelature of Schneidemühl, Poland Elevated
3 OctMissionários da Boa Nova Founded
15 OctNunciature to Dominican Republic (to Nunciature) Elevated
17 OctNunciature to Haiti (to Nunciature) Elevated
14 NovDiocese of Oklahoma, USA Name ChangedDiocese of Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA Name Changed


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