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St. Catherine of Alexandria, virgin and martyr (Opt. Memorial)

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1820Diocese of Noli, Italy
Diocese of Savona, Italy
UnitedDiocese of Savona e Noli, Italy United
1820Diocese of Brugnato, Italy
Diocese of Luni e Sarzana, Italy
UnitedDiocese of Luni, Sarzana e Brugnato, Italy United
1841Diocese of Rieti, Italy
Diocese of Sabina, Italy
Territorial Abbey of San Salvatore Maggiore, Italy
Territory LostDiocese of Poggio Mirteto, Italy Erected
1841Territorial Abbey of Farfa, Italy
Diocese of Sabina, Italy
UnitedDiocese of Sabina (-Farfa), Italy United
1939Diocese of Natal, Brazil (Gurraes Novos, Acary, Jardin do Seridò, Parelhas, Serra Negra/Flores, and part of Caicó) Territory LostDiocese of Caicó, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil Erected
1952Archdiocese of Montréal, Québec, Canada (St. Maurice de Bois des Fillion in Terrebonne)
Archdiocese of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Kilmar in Argenteuil)
Territory LostDiocese of Saint-Jérôme, Québec, Canada Territory Added
1957Diocese of São Carlos do Pinhal, Brazil Name ChangedDiocese of São Carlos, Sao Paulo, Brazil Name Changed
1957Archdiocese of Luanda, Angola (Malanje)
Diocese of Silva Porto, Angola (Lunda)
Territory LostDiocese of Malanje, Angola Erected
1961Archdiocese of Belém do Pará, Brazil (Cities of Abaeté do Tocantins, Acara, Barcarena, Bujarú, Mojú, and Tomé-Açu) Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of Abaeté do Tocantins, Para, Brazil Erected
1961Diocese of San José de Mayo, Uruguay Territory LostDiocese of Canelones, Uruguay Erected
1961Territorial Prelature of Chapada, Brazil Name ChangedTerritorial Prelature of Rondonópolis, Mato Grosso, Brazil Name Changed
1961Archdiocese of Goiânia, Goias, Brazil (Cities of Anicuns, Nazário, and Turvânia)
Diocese of Goiás, Brazil (Cities of Sâo Luis de Montes Belos, Amerinópolis, Aurilândia, Cachoeira de Goias, Diorama, Firminópolis, Iporá, Israelândia, Ivolândia, Jaupací, and Maiporá)
Diocese of Jataí, Goias, Brazil (Cities of Aragarças, Baliza, Born Jardim de Goiás, Piranhas, and parts of Caiapônia)
Territory LostTerritorial Prelature of São Luís de Montes Belos, Goias, Brazil Erected
1961Diocese of Lipa, Philippines (Tagaytay City)
Archdiocese of Manila, Philippines (Province of Cavite)
Territory LostDiocese of Imus, Philippines Erected
1961Archdiocese of Manila, Philippines (Province of Bulacan) Territory LostDiocese of Malolos, Philippines Erected
1964Diocese of Lisala, Congo (Dem. Rep.) (Western Part) Territory LostDiocese of Budjala, Congo (Dem. Rep.) Erected
1964Diocese of Nyeri, Kenya (Marsabit and Samburu) Territory LostDiocese of Marsabit, Kenya Erected
1995Apostolic Exarchate of Great Ukraine (Byzantine)
Archeparchy of Lviv (Ukrainian), Ukraine
Apostolic Exarchate of Volyn, Polesia and Podlasie (Byzantine), Ukraine
Territory LostArchiepiscopal Exarchate of Kyiv-Vyshhorod (Ukrainian), Ukraine Erected
1998Diocese of Zytomir, Ukraine Name ChangedDiocese of Kyiv-Zhytomyr, Ukraine Name Changed
2000Diocese of San Justo, Argentina (Cañuelas and part of La Matanza) Territory LostDiocese of Gregorio de Laferrere, Argentina Erected
2000Military Ordinariate of Lithuania, Military Erected
2003Archeparchy of Addis Abeba (Ethiopian), Ethiopia (Gurageano (Gurage Zone) and Vollisoano (Wolliso Zone)) Territory LostEparchy of Emdeber (Ethiopian), Ethiopia Erected
2006Diocese of Bujumbura, Burundi ElevatedArchdiocese of Bujumbura, Burundi Elevated
2006Diocese of Bubanza, Burundi (from Gitega) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Bururi, Burundi (from Gitega) Metropolitan Changed
2006Archdiocese of Goa e Damão, India (Became a metropolitan) Elevated
2006Diocese of Sindhudurg, India (from Bombay) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Tijuana, Baja California Norte, México ElevatedArchdiocese of Tijuana, Baja California Norte, México Elevated
2006Diocese of La Paz en la Baja California Sur, México (from Hermosillo) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Mexicali, Baja California Norte, México (from Hermosillo) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of León, Guanajuato, México ElevatedArchdiocese of León, Guanajuato, México Elevated
2006Diocese of Celaya, Guanajuato, México (from San Luis Potos¡) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Irapuato, Guanajuato, México (from San Luis Potos¡) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Querétaro, México (from San Luis Potos¡) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Tulancingo, Hidalgo, México ElevatedArchdiocese of Tulancingo, Hidalgo, México Elevated
2006Diocese of Huejutla, Hidalgo, México (from Puebla de los Angeles, Puebla) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Tula, Hidalgo, México (from Mexico) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México ElevatedArchdiocese of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México Elevated
2006Diocese of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México (from Antequera, Oaxaca) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Tapachula, Chiapas, México (from Antequera, Oaxaca) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Culiacán, Sinaloa, México (from Durango) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Ciudad Valles, San Luís Potosí, México (from Monterrey) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Zacatecas, México (from Guadalajara) Metropolitan Changed
2006Diocese of Ciudad Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, México (from Acapulco) Metropolitan Changed
2008Archdiocese of Durango, México (11 cities) Territory LostDiocese of Gómez Palacio, Durango, México Erected
2018Regnum Christi Approbation
2020Archeparchy of Przemyśl-Warszawa {-Warsaw} (Ukrainian), Poland
Diocese of Wrocław-Gdańsk (Ukrainian), Poland
Territory LostEparchy of Olsztyn-Gdańsk (Ukrainian), Poland (Area of the Latin dioceses of Gdańsk, Pelplin, Elbląg, Toruń, Płock, Warmia, Ełk, Łomża, Białystok, and Drohiczyn) Erected
2020Diocese of Wrocław-Gdańsk (Ukrainian), Poland Name ChangedEparchy of Wrocław-Koszalin (Ukrainian), Poland Name Changed


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