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The Year of Our Lord 1618


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unknown68.0Giovanni Stefano AjazzaBishop of Asti, Italy
unknown62.0Marcantonio BelliniBishop of Bobbio, Italy
unknown90.0Gedeon BrolnickiArchbishop of Połock (Polotsk) (Ukrainian), Belarus
unknownMario CossaBishop of Montalcino, Italy
unknownAntonius Favorici, O.S.A. †Titular Bishop of Basilitanus
unknown64.0Girolamo Giustiniani, O.P. †Bishop Emeritus of Chios (Scio), Greece
unknown54.0Lodovico MagioBishop of Lucera, Italy
unknown69.0Fernando Mendoza GonzálezBishop of Cuzco, Peru
unknown59.0Vincenzo QueriniArchbishop of Corfů, Greece
Jan35.0Pierre DinetCoadjutor Bishop-Elect of Mâcon, France
8 Jan73.0Francisco Sobrino MorillasBishop of Valladolid, Spain
18 JanStephan von SeiboldsdorfBishop of Freising, Germany
19 Jan68.0Jacques Turicella, O.F.M. †Bishop of Marseille, France
14 Feb66.0Sebastian BreuningAuxiliary Bishop of Augsburg, Germany
14 Feb73.1Juan Pedro González de Mendoza, O.S.A. †Bishop of Popayán, Colombia
14 Feb57.8Paolo Emilio SfondratiCardinal, Bishop of Cremona, Italy
Mar60.1Bonaventura Secusio, O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop of Catania, Italy
7 MarMelchior de MarconnaiBishop of Saint-Brieuc, France
13 MarPierre Aime du Nant de GrillyAbbot of Saint-Maurice, Switzerland
21 MarJacques Blaes, O.F.M. †Bishop of Saint-Omer, France
14 Apr75.2Giovanni Battista ZuccatoBishop Emeritus of Nusco, Italy
24 Apr56.3Diego de Contreras, O.S.A. †Archbishop of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
5 May43.3Ramón IvorraBishop of Perpignan-Elne, France
29 May70.4Jorge de Quemado (Queimada), O.S.A. †Auxiliary Bishop of Braga, Portugal
Jun56.4Giuseppe Pisculli, O.F.M. Conv. †Bishop of Catanzaro, Italy
15 JunKrzysztof KazimirskiBishop of Kyiv (Kijów), Ukraine
19 Aug59.9Agustín de Carvajal, O.S.A. †Bishop of Ayacucho o Huamanga (Guamanga), Peru
19 Aug54.6Vincenzo PeritiBishop of Lavello, Italy
22 Aug54.6Erminio ValentiCardinal, Bishop of Faenza, Italy
SepLucio FornariBishop of Oria, Italy
1 Sep68.6Constantino BarradasBishop Emeritus of Săo Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
5 Sep61.7Jacques Davy du PerronCardinal, Archbishop of Sens, France
3 Oct60.7Paolo Tolosa, C.R. †Archbishop of Chieti, Italy
7 OctHenri de La MarthonieBishop of Limoges, France
23 OctGeorg Stobäus von PalmburgBishop of Lavant, Slovenia
Nov44.8Pietro Paolo MilotoBishop of Chioggia, Italy
10 NovAndrés de Santa Maria, O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop Emeritus of Cochin, India
16 Nov59.8Ottavio Belmosto (Belmusti)Cardinal, Bishop Emeritus of Aleria, France
17 Nov50.8Gian Alberto GarzoniBishop of Canea (Cydonia, Egée), Greece
17 NovAlfonso Vidal, O.F.M. †Bishop of Lipari, Italy
3 DecStephan NebelmairAuxiliary Bishop of Regensburg, Germany
4 Dec72.1Dietrich von FürstenbergBishop of Paderborn, Germany
6 DecFabio Biondi (Blondus de Montealto)Titular Patriarch of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme}, Palestine
7 Dec72.6Bernardo Sandoval RojasCardinal, Archbishop of Toledo, Spain
9 Dec45.9Ehrenfried von KuenburgBishop of Chiemsee, Germany
22 Dec52.9Girolamo Pignatelli, C.R. †Archbishop of Rossano, Italy


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