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The Year of Our Lord 1295

Bishop Events

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownAppointedAdamo Bishop of Martirano (Martoranum), Italy
AppointedAimardo Bishop of Lucera, ItalyBishop of Salpi (Salapia), Italy
DiedFernando Álvarez, O.F.M. †Bishop of Oviedo, Spain
DiedPierre de BetousBishop of Aire, France
DiedPietro de Brunaco, O. Cist. †Bishop of Anagni, Italy
AppointedRanulphe de CarelBishop of Saintes, France
AppointedMartin DefosseBishop of Aire, France
DiedFilippo Archbishop of Trani, Italy
AppointedGeoffroy Bishop of Saint-Brieuc, France
ResignedPietro GuerraAdministrator of Sora, ItalyPatriarch of Aquileia, Italy
ResignedVolrad von KranichfeldBishop of Halberstadt, GermanyBishop Emeritus
AppointedGérard de LangresArchbishop of Nicosia, CyprusArchbishop Emeritus
AppointedMagnus Bishop of Växjö (Wexioe), Sweden
AppointedNicola Bishop of Sora, ItalyBishop of Teano, Italy
DiedOffreduccio Bishop of Grosseto, Italy
SelectedPaolo , O.F.M. †Bishop of Molfetta, Italy
DiedLorenzo di Parma, O.P. †Patriarch of Grado, Italy
65.0AppointedLeonardo PatrassoBishop of Modon (Medone, Methone), GreeceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Albano
ResignedConrad Probus, O.F.M. †Bishop of Toul, FranceBishop Emeritus
BornRaban Truchseß von WilburgstettenBishop of Eichstätt, Germany
BornFontanier de Vassal, O.F.M. †Cardinal, Patriarch of Grado, Italy
DiedGiacomo de VenereBishop of Marsi, Italy
23 Jan65.0Ordained BishopBenedetto CaetaniPope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
22 FebDiedGiovanni Castrocoeli, O.S.B. †Cardinal, Administrator of Benevento, Italy
2 MarDiedGuillaume di ConflansBishop of Genève {Geneva}, Switzerland
28 MarAppointedFrancesco , O.F.M. †Bishop of Spoleto, Italy
31.2AppointedBertrand de GotBishop of (Saint-Bertrand de) Comminges, FrancePope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
AppointedGuillaume de Mandagout, C.R.S.A. †Archbishop of Embrun, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
AppointedGerardo Pigalotti, O.P. †Bishop of Arras, France
AppointedJean de SavignyBishop of Nevers, France
AppointedVentura Bishop of Gubbio, Italy
30 MarAppointedFederico Raimondo de LettoBishop of Valva e Sulmona, Italy
8 AprAppointedFrancesco , O.F.M. †Bishop of Avellino, Italy
AppointedTeobaldo , O.F.M. †Bishop of Terracina, Priverno e Sezze, ItalyBishop of Assisi, Italy
10 AprOrdained BishopGuillaume de Mandagout, C.R.S.A. †Archbishop of Embrun, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
16 AprAppointedAlberigo ViscontiBishop of Piacenza, ItalyBishop of Fermo, Italy
17 AprAppointedRinaldo , O.P. †Bishop of Chieti, Italy
18 AprAppointedGuido LangoscoBishop of Pavia, Italy
AppointedJohannes von SchwerinArchbishop of Riga, Latvia
20 AprConfirmedGuillaume de Mandagout, C.R.S.A. †Archbishop of Embrun, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
24 AprOrdained BishopGérard de LangresArchbishop of Nicosia, CyprusArchbishop Emeritus
25 Apr52.3AppointedGilles Colonna, O.S.A. †Archbishop of Bourges, France
May52.3Ordained BishopGilles Colonna, O.S.A. †Archbishop of Bourges, France
21 MayDiedBernardo PlatonBishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
2 JulDiedKonrad von WardenbergBishop of Minden, Germany
10 JulAppointedMartin di Saint-GermainBishop of Genève {Geneva}, Switzerland
13 JulAppointedEnrico de VillarsArchbishop of Lyon, France
16 JulDiedPietro Saraceni, O.P. †Bishop of Vicenza, Italy
23 JulAppointedJean de RochefortBishop of Langres, France
AppointedBernard Saisset, O.S.B. †Bishop of Pamiers, France
AppointedObizzo SanvitaleArchbishop of Ravenna, Italy
30 JulAppointedMartinho Pires de OliveiraArchbishop of Braga, Portugal
31 JulOrdained BishopNils AllessonArchbishop of Uppsala, Sweden
AppointedGiovanni da ScanzoBishop of Bergamo, Italy
4 AugAppointedSaracino Bishop of Melfi, Italy
8 Aug88.6DiedOttone ViscontiArchbishop of Milano {Milan}, Italy
15 AugAppointedRuggero di StefanuziaArchbishop of Cosenza, Italy
17 AugAppointedNils AllessonArchbishop of Uppsala, Sweden
2 SepAppointedDomingo Bishop of Plasencia, Spain
3 SepDiedChristian von Mühlhausen, O.T. †Bishop of Samland (Sambia), Poland
12 SepDiedPietro della Scala, O.P. †Bishop of Verona, Italy
13 SepAppointedFrancesco MonaldeschiBishop of Firenze, Italy
AppointedAndrea de’ MozziBishop of Vicenza, Italy
14 SepDiedOttaviano UbaldiniBishop of Bologna, Italy
15 SepDiedRuggieri degli UbaldiniArchbishop of Pisa, Italy
19 SepAppointedGiovanni da Castell’Arquato, O. Cist. †Bishop of Parma, Italy
20 SepAppointedGiacomo de AbbateArchbishop of Cagliari, Italy
AppointedTeodorico RanieriArchbishop of Pisa, ItalyCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
2 OctAppointedGiacomo de Buschi, O.P. †Bishop of Marsi, Italy
AppointedGiacomo Calcinari, O.S.B. †Bishop of Tortona, Italy
AppointedGiovanni d’AlatriArchbishop of Benevento, ItalyArchbishop of Capua, Italy
5 OctAppointedLudolf von RostorfBishop of Minden, Germany
13 OctDiedIwan Bishop of Zagreb (Agram), Croatia
21 OctAppointedPhilippe Le BoulangerBishop of Sées {Séez}, France
31 OctAppointedRuffino da FrissetoArchbishop of Milano {Milan}, Italy
14 NovAppointedGiovanni Savelli, O.P. †Bishop of Padova {Padua}, ItalyBishop of Bologna, Italy
15 NovAppointedFernando AlfonsoBishop of Oviedo, Spain
18 NovAppointedThomas de DundumoreBishop of Ross (Rosemarkie, Fortrose), Scotland, Great Britain
26 NovAppointedSancho GonzálezArchbishop of Sevilla {Seville}, SpainArchbishop Emeritus
9 DecConfirmedPaolo , O.F.M. †Bishop of Molfetta, Italy
12 DecOrdained BishopAimardo Bishop of Lucera, ItalyBishop of Salpi (Salapia), Italy
AppointedBerardo , O.S.B. †Bishop of Fano, Italy
AppointedHugues de ChalonsBishop of Liège, BelgiumArchbishop of Besançon, France
AppointedAndrea d’AversaBishop of Venafro, Italy
AppointedFrancesco Bishop of Senigallia, Italy
13 DecSelectedBuonincontro Bishop of Verona, Italy
16 DecDiedRoger LongespeeBishop of Coventry and Lichfield, England, Great Britain
19 DecAppointedGuillem de Montcada, O.P. †Bishop of Urgell, Spain
21 Dec50.9DiedErich von BrandenburgArchbishop of Magdeburg, Germany
22 DecDiedPierre Le RoyerBishop of Le Mans, France


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