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The Year of Our Lord 1368

Bishop Events

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownAppointedJean d’AugerantBishop of Beauvais, France
Ordained PriestÉtienne Aubert (Jr.)PriestCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina
27.0AppointedMelchior von Braunschweig-GrubenhagenBishop of Osnabrück, GermanyBishop of Schwerin, Germany
BornOddone ColonnaPope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
DiedDiego , O.F.M. †Bishop of Coria, Spain
ResignedAlfonso Fernández PechaBishop of Jaén, SpainBishop Emeritus
DiedThomas de FingaskBishop of Caithness, Scotland, Great Britain
AppointedRobert Gervasi, O.P. †Bishop of Senez, France
DiedNicolaus de GulczewoBishop of Płock, Poland
AppointedStanislas de GulczewoBishop of Płock, PolandBishop Emeritus
Ordained BishopStanislas de GulczewoBishop of Płock, PolandBishop Emeritus
AppointedJakob Bishop of Viborg, Denmark
DiedGuillaume de MartelBishop of Belley, France
DiedPierre Bishop of Lectoure, France
DiedAustence de Sainte-Colombe, O.F.M. †Bishop of Sarlat, France
DiedPonce de VillemurBishop of (Saint-Lizier de) Couserans (or Conserans), France
12 JanAppointedBernardo Archbishop of Torres, ItalyArchbishop of Cagliari, Italy
24 Jan48.0AppointedBertrand Lagier, O.F.M. †Bishop of Glandčves, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
28 FebAppointedGil Bishop of Coria, Spain
2 Apr48.2AppointedPierre d’Estaing, O.S.B. †Archbishop of Bourges, FranceCardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
AppointedPierre de Rensin (Raussen)Bishop of Saint-Flour, France
16 MayDiedMaciej z GolańczyBishop Emeritus of Włocławek (Kujawy, Kalisze), Poland
9 Jun43.4AppointedPeter Gelyto (Wurst, Jelito)Bishop of Litomyšl, CzechiaBishop of Olomouc (Olmütz), Czechia
35.4AppointedAlbrecht von SternbergArchbishop of Magdeburg, GermanyBishop of Litomyšl, Czechia
28 JunAppointedDömötör VaskútiBishop of Transilvania, Erdély, Siebenbürgen, RomaniaCardinal, Archbishop of Esztergom, Hungary
3 Jul48.5DiedRudolf RühleBishop of Verden, Germany
17 JulDiedOtto von WettinBishop of Minden, Germany
19 JulAppointedPedro Gómez Barroso y GarcíaBishop of Osma, SpainBishop of Évora, Portugal
26 JulAppointedGilles Aycelin de MontaigutCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
DiedNicola CapocciCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati
AppointedNicolás Fernández de BiedmaBishop of Jaén, Spain
26 Aug64.6DiedEngelbert von der MarkArchbishop of Köln {Cologne}, Germany
SepResignedArnaud Bernard du PougetAdministrator of Montauban, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Priest
13 SepDiedPierre d’AndréBishop of Cambrai, France
22 SepAppointedÉtienne Aubert (Jr.)Cardinal, Cardinal-Priest of San Lorenzo in Lucina
AppointedArnaud Bernard du PougetCardinal, Cardinal-Priest
Elevated to CardinalArnaud Bernard du PougetCardinal, Cardinal-Priest
DiedArnaud Bernard du PougetCardinal, Cardinal-Priest
63.7AppointedPhilippe de CabassoleCardinal-Priest of Santi Marcellino e PietroCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
63.7Elevated to CardinalPhilippe de CabassoleCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
AppointedGuillaume de Chanac, O.S.B. †Bishop of Chartres, FranceCardinal,
AppointedJean de DormansCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Santi Quattro Coronati
Elevated to CardinalJean de DormansCardinal, Cardinal-Priest of Santi Quattro Coronati
53.7AppointedSimon Langham, O.S.B. †Cardinal-Priest of San SistoCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
53.7Elevated to CardinalSimon Langham, O.S.B. †Cardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
AppointedÉtienne de PoissyCardinal-Priest of Sant’EusebioBishop of Paris, France
Elevated to CardinalÉtienne de PoissyBishop of Paris, France
25 SepAppointedAymeric de Magnac (Maignac)Bishop of Paris, FranceBishop Emeritus
27 SepAppointedJean Stephani de GirbiotoBishop of Toulon, France
10 OctDiedJean PeyssoniArchbishop of Aix, France
11 OctAppointedAlphonse ChevrierBishop of Lisieux, France
AppointedPierre d’AigrefeuilleBishop of Avignon, France
AppointedGerard de DainvilleBishop of Thérouanne, FranceBishop of Cambrai, France
26.7AppointedRobert de GenčveBishop of Cambrai, FranceCardinal, Bishop
AppointedWilliam de LynnBishop of Worcester, England, Great Britain
AppointedWilliam ReadeBishop of Chichester, England, Great Britain
AppointedAdhémar RobertBishop of Arras, FranceArchbishop of Sens, France
AppointedWilliam WhittleseyArchbishop of Canterbury, England, Great Britain
17 OctDiedHenrik GertsenBishop of Roskilde (Roeskilde), Denmark
18 OctAppointedPierre de ChalaisBishop of Montauban, France
31 Oct42.8Ordained BishopGuillaume d’Aigrefeuille (Sr.), O.S.B. †Cardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
20 NovAppointedFriedrich von ErdingenBishop of Chur, SwitzerlandBishop Emeritus of Brixen {Bressanone}, Italy
27 Nov53.9ResignedSimon Langham, O.S.B. †Archbishop of Canterbury, England, Great BritainCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
4 DecAppointedKonrad von HaimbergBishop of Regensburg, Germany
AppointedGiraud di PousillacArchbishop of Aix, France
9 Dec63.9ResignedPhilippe de CabassoleAdministrator of Marseille, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
AppointedGuillaume de la Voute, O.S.B. †Bishop of Marseille, FranceArchbishop of Albi, France
19 DecDiedJimeno Sánchez de RibabellosaBishop of Huesca, Spain


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