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Recent Bishop Events

DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
30 Nov 201653.0Ordained BishopJoseph Tang YuangeBishop of Chengdu [Chengtu]
50.9Ordained BishopJohn Wang XiaoxunCoadjutor Bishop of Ankang [Hinganfu]
2 Dec 201646.9Ordained BishopJohn Lei JiapeiBishop of Xichang [NingyŁan]
4 Jan 201797.1DiedAnthony Tu Shi-hua, O.F.M. †Bishop of Puqi [Puchi]
14 Feb 201774.0DiedCasimir Wang MiluBishop Emeritus of Tianshui [Tsinchow]
20 Apr 201797.4DiedAndreas Anicetus Wang Chong YiBishop Emeritus of Guiyang [Kweyang]Archbishop Emeritus
9 Jun 201788.8DiedJohn Liu Shingong (Shigong)Bishop of Jining [Tsining]
1 Aug 201778.0RetiredJohn Tong HonBishop of Hong Kong [Xianggang]Cardinal, Bishop Emeritus
70.6SucceededMichael Yeung Ming-cheungBishop of Hong Kong [Xianggang]
5 Aug 201770.6InstalledMichael Yeung Ming-cheungBishop of Hong Kong [Xianggang]
13 Aug 201791.6DiedSylvester Li Jiantang (Liu Jiantang)Bishop Emeritus of Taiyuan [TaiyŁan]
14 Aug 201786.6DiedPaul Xie Ting ZheBishop of Xinjiang-Urumqi [Sinkiang]
22 Aug 201792.5DiedMatthew Kia Yen-wenArchbishop Emeritus of Taipei, Taiwan
25 Sep 201783.0DiedMatthew Hu XiandeBishop of Ningbo [Ningpo]
59.7SucceededFrancis Xavier Jin YangkeBishop of Ningbo [Ningpo]
10 Nov 201751.7InstalledJoseph Han ZhihaiBishop of Lanzhou [Lanchow]
16 Nov 201750.8InstalledJoseph Sun JigenBishop of Daming [Taming]
17 Nov 201752.1SucceededPeter Li HuiyuanBishop of Fengxiang [Fengsiang]
96.8DiedLucas Ly Jing Feng (Li Jingfeng)Bishop of Fengxiang [Fengsiang]
7 Dec 201789.9DiedMatthias Yu ChengxinCoadjutor Bishop Emeritus of Hanzhong [Hanchung]
201860.0AppointedVincent Guo XijinAuxiliary Bishop of Xiapu [Funing]
22 Jan 201887.0RetiredPeter Zhuang JianjianBishop of Shantou [Swatow]Bishop Emeritus
15 Jun 201893.5DiedJoseph Li MingshuBishop of Qingdao [Tsingtao]
18 Aug 201874.9RetiredThierry Romain Camille JordanArchbishop of Reims, FranceArchbishop Emeritus
22 Sep 201850.7ConfirmedJoseph Guo JincaiBishop of Chengde
51.7ConfirmedJoseph Huang BingzhangBishop of Shantou [Swatow]
55.7ConfirmedPaul Lei Shiyin (Chiyin)Bishop of Leshan [Kiating]
54.7ConfirmedJoseph Liu XinhongBishop of Anqing [Anking, Huai-ning]
53.4ConfirmedJoseph Ma YinglinArchbishop of Kunming [Kunming]
98.8ConfirmedAnthony Tu Shi-hua, O.F.M. †Bishop of Puqi [Puchi]
54.4ConfirmedJoseph Yue FushengBishop of Harbin [Harbin]
57.5ConfirmedVincent Zhan SiluBishop of Xiapu [Funing]
3 Jan 201972.0DiedMichael Yeung Ming-cheungBishop of Hong Kong [Xianggang]
5 Jan 201979.4AppointedJohn Tong HonApostolic Administrator of Hong Kong [Xianggang]Cardinal, Bishop Emeritus
30 Jan 201964.0InstalledPeter Jin LugangCoadjutor Bishop of Nanyang [Nanyang]Bishop
9 Apr 201953.3SelectedAnthony Yao ShunBishop of Jining [Tsining]
11 Apr 201944.2SelectedStephen Xu HongweiCoadjutor Bishop of Hanzhong [Hanchung]
8 Jun 201992.6Died(Joseph) Stephen Li SideBishop of Tianjin [Tientsin]
90.4SucceededMelchior Shi HongzhenBishop of Tianjin [Tientsin]
26 Aug 201953.7Ordained BishopAnthony Yao ShunBishop of Jining [Tsining]
28 Aug 201944.6Ordained BishopStephen Xu HongweiCoadjutor Bishop of Hanzhong [Hanchung]
19 Nov 201957.8SelectedThomas Chen TianhaoBishop of Qingdao [Tsingtao]
20 Nov 201990.4DiedAndrew Jin DaoyuanBishop Emeritus of Changzhi [Luan]Bishop Emeritus
25 Mar 2020100.3DiedJoseph Ma Zhongmu (Tegusbeleg)Bishop Emeritus of Yinchuan [Ningsia]
7 May 202065.3SucceededPeter Jin LugangBishop of Nanyang [Nanyang]
98.8DiedJoseph Zhu BaoyuBishop Emeritus of Nanyang [Nanyang]
9 Jun 202085.7InstalledPeter Lin JiashanArchbishop of Fuzhou [Foochow]
18 Aug 202062.6InstalledFrancis Xavier Jin YangkeBishop of Ningbo [Ningpo]
23 Nov 202058.8Ordained BishopThomas Chen TianhaoBishop of Qingdao [Tsingtao]
22 Dec 202054.1Ordained BishopPietro Liu GenzhuBishop of Hongdong [Hungtung]
31 Dec 202099.4DiedAndreas Han Jingtao (Han Qian)Bishop of Siping [Szepingkai]
5 Jan 2021100.5DiedJoseph Tsong Huaide (Zhong Huaide)Bishop Emeritus of Sanyuan [SanyŁan]


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