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Oldest and Youngest Bishops

BirthdateAgeNameCurrent Title
20 Nov 1923 Archbishop Giovanni MorettiApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Belgium
20 Jan 1927 Archbishop Paolo GiglioApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Egypt, Arab Republic of
23 Apr 1930 Bishop Joseph DerghamBishop Emeritus of Le Caire {Cairo} (Maronite)
12 Mar 1932 Archbishop Marco Dino Brogi, O.F.M.Official of the Secretariat of State, Roman Curia
16 Oct 1933 Bishop John Peter Mark Jabalé, O.S.B.Bishop Emeritus of Menevia, Wales, Great Britain
18 Mar 1935 Antonios Cardinal NaguibPatriarch Emeritus of Alexandria {Alessandria} (Coptic)
27 Jan 1937 Bishop Youhanna GoltaCurial Bishop of Alexandria {Alessandria} (Coptic)
17 Aug 1937 Archbishop Michael Louis Fitzgerald, M. Afr.Apostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Egypt, Arab Republic of
17 Jan 1940 Patriarch Nerses Bedros XIX (Boutros) Tarmouni (Taza)Patriarch of Cilicia (Armenian), Lebanon
9 Jun 1941 Archbishop Joseph Jules ZereyProtosyncellus of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme} (Melkite Greek), Palestine
14 May 1943 Archbishop Jean-Paul Aimé GobelApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Egypt, Arab Republic of
24 Jul 1943 Bishop François Eid, O.M.M.Bishop Emeritus of Le Caire {Cairo} (Maronite)
31 Jul 1961 Bishop Kamal Fahim Awad (Boutros) HannaBishop of Minya {Ermopoli Maggiore; Minieh} (Coptic)
19 Aug 1955 Patriarch Ibrahim Isaac SidrakPatriarch of Alexandria {Alessandria} (Coptic)
9 Feb 1955 Bishop Antonios Aziz MinaBishop of Guizeh (Coptic)
17 Jun 1953 Bishop Kricor-Okosdinos (Augustin) CoussaBishop of Iskanderiya {Alexandria} (Armenian)
31 May 1953 Bishop Georges ChihaneBishop of Le Caire {Cairo} (Maronite)
24 Apr 1951 Bishop Giuseppe Bausardo, S.D.B.Vicar Apostolic Emeritus of Alexandria of Egypt {Alessandria di Egitto} (-Eliopoli di Egitto-Port-Said)
27 Mar 1950 Bishop Clément-Joseph HannoucheBishop of Le Caire {Cairo} (Syrian)
12 Aug 1949 Bishop Youhannes Ezzat Zakaria BadirBishop of Luqsor {Tebe} (Coptic)
27 Jun 1948 Archbishop Bruno MusaròApostolic Nuncio to Egypt, Arab Republic of
1 Dec 1947 Bishop Adel Zaky, O.F.M.Vicar Apostolic of Alexandria of Egypt {Alessandria di Egitto} (-Eliopoli di Egitto-Port-Said)
1 Oct 1946 Bishop Kyrillos Kamal William Samaan, O.F.M.Bishop of Assiut {Lycopolis} (Coptic)
20 Apr 1946 Archbishop Georges Michel BakarProtosyncellus of Egypt, Sudan, and South Sudan (Melkite Greek)


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