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The Year of Our Lord 1303

Bishop Events

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownDiedJuan AlmoravidArchbishop of Sevilla {Seville}, Spain
DiedArne Bishop of Stavanger, Norway
DiedGergely BicskeiArchbishop-Elect of Esztergom, Hungary
DiedEyvind Bishop of Oslo, Norway
DiedMarcus de GallowayBishop of Sodor and Man, Scotland, Great Britain
DiedGiacomo Bishop of Segni, Italy
AppointedPonce (Ponç) de GualbaBishop of Barcelona, Spain
DiedHeinrich Bishop of Pomesania (Pomezania), Poland
AppointedÁrni HalgasonBishop of Skálholt, Iceland
AppointedDegenhard von HellensteinBishop of Augsburg, Germany
DiedPonce de JardíBishop of Mallorca, Spain
AppointedGuillaume de LéonBishop of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, France
AppointedGuillaume de La MotheBishop of Bazas, France
DiedLorenzo Bishop of Satriano, Italy
AppointedGualtiero di Maus, O.P. †Bishop of Savona, Italy
AppointedMaurice MacCarwellArchbishop of Cashel, Ireland
DiedNicolas McMaolissaArchbishop of Armagh, Ireland
AppointedBernard de MontaiguBishop of (Saint-Lizier de) Couserans (or Conserans), France
DiedOrlando , O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Narni, Italy
DiedAlero RicciardiBishop of Torcello (Turris), Italy
DiedRinaldo , O.P. †Bishop of Chieti, Italy
DiedPietro di Romanuccio CapocciBishop of Viterbo e Tuscania, Italy
DiedLandolfo RossiBishop of Ferentino, Italy
44.0AppointedWulfing von Stubenberg, O.P. †Bishop of Lavant, SloveniaBishop of Bamberg, Germany
AppointedDietrich von VischhausenBishop of Dorpat (Tartu), Estonia
2 JanAppointedRenaud des PorceletsBishop of Digne, France
8 JanAppointedBartolomeo QueriniBishop of Novara, ItalyBishop of Trento, Italy
13 JanDiedRichard de NorthamptonBishop of Fermo, ItalyBishop of Ferns, Ireland
17 JanAppointedMonaldo Monaldeschi, O.F.M. †Archbishop of Benevento, Italy
12 FebAppointedGonzalo Daza y OsorioBishop of Zamora, SpainBishop of Orense, Spain
17 FebOrdained BishopPonce (Ponç) de GualbaBishop of Barcelona, Spain
20 FebAppointedRamperto PoloBishop of Castello, Italy
27 FebAppointedGuy de HarcourtBishop of Lisieux, France
13 MarAppointedThibaut de BarBishop of Ličge, Belgium
30 MarAppointedFriedrich von PlötzkeBishop of Brandenburg, Germany
28 AprAppointedJean , O.S.Io.Hieros. †Titular Archbishop of Tarsus
6 MayDiedFernando GonzálezBishop of Calahorra y La Calzada, Spain
10 MayAppointedHermann de Prizna, O.T. †Bishop of Chelmno (Culma, Kulm), Poland
16 MayAppointedChristian Bishop of Pomesania (Pomezania), Poland
DiedFederico di Front e San MartinoBishop of Ferrara, Italy
29 MayAppointedMattia Bishop of Chieti, ItalyBishop-Elect
JunDiedMattia Bishop-Elect of Chieti, Italy
1 JunDiedAuger de MontfauconBishop of (Saint-Lizier de) Couserans (or Conserans), France
19 JunDiedAime de ChantalBishop of Vercelli, Italy
8 JulAppointedThomas de BlankenbergBishop of Verdun, France
AppointedSigibodo de LichtenbergBishop of Speyer, Germany
AppointedPierre Bishop of Segni, Italy
19 JulAppointedPietro Bishop of Chieti, Italy
29 JulDiedTommaso AndreiBishop of Pistoia, Italy
DiedManegold von NeuenburgBishop of Würzburg, Germany
AugAppointedAndreas von GundelfingenBishop of Würzburg, Germany
3 AugAppointedRaniero AvogadroBishop of Vercelli, Italy
7 AugAppointedFernando Gutiérrez TelloArchbishop of Sevilla {Seville}, Spain
AppointedPedro Rodríguez QuijadaBishop of Burgos, Spain
ResignedPedro RodríguezAdministrator of Burgos, SpainCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
15 AugRemovedGérard de LangresArchbishop of Nicosia, CyprusArchbishop Emeritus
22 AugDiedRaymond BotBishop of Apt, France
DiedRostaing de la CapreArchbishop of Arles, France
DiedLeopold von GründlachBishop of Bamberg, Germany
23 AugOrdained BishopHubert Avocati (Avvocati)Bishop of Bologna, Italy
12 SepDiedObizzo SanvitaleArchbishop of Ravenna, Italy
OctDiedRichard CorBishop of Lismore, Ireland
11 Oct73.7DiedBenedetto CaetaniPope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
22 Oct63.8ElectedBl. Niccolň Boccasini, O.P. †Pope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
25 OctOrdained BishopÁrni HalgasonBishop of Skálholt, Iceland
27 Oct63.8InstalledBl. Niccolň Boccasini, O.P. †Pope (Roma {Rome}, Italy)
NovAppointedHugues BotBishop of Apt, France
AppointedFrancesco TagliapietraBishop of Torcello (Turris), Italy
2 NovAppointedAngelo da Camerino, O.E.S.A. †Bishop of Modon (Medone, Methone), GreecePatriarch of Grado, Italy
AppointedBartolomeo SinibaldiBishop of Pistoia, ItalyBishop of Foligno, Italy
4 NovAppointedMihály BoiArchbishop of Esztergom, Hungary
8 NovAppointedLuca , O.P. †Bishop of Castro [del Lazio], ItalyArchbishop of Otranto, Italy
12 NovDiedFilippo da CasaloldoBishop-Elect of Mantova, Italy
17 NovOrdained BishopMaurice MacCarwellArchbishop of Cashel, Ireland
19 NovAppointedRaniero ConcoreggiArchbishop of Ravenna, Italy
DecOrdained BishopThibaut de BarBishop of Ličge, Belgium
9 DecAppointedAltogrado CattaneoBishop of Vicenza, Italy
43.9AppointedBl. Augustin Kažotić (Gazotti), O.P. †Bishop of Zagreb (Agram), CroatiaBishop of Lucera, Italy
DiedRichard GravesendBishop of London, England, Great Britain
18 Dec53.9AppointedNiccolň Alberti, O.P. †Cardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
53.9Elevated to CardinalNiccolň Alberti, O.P. †Cardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia (e Velletri)
AppointedPhilippe Bonacolsi, O.F.M. †Bishop of Mantova, Italy
DiedPhilippe Bonacolsi, O.F.M. †Bishop of Mantova, Italy
23 DecAppointedGiovanni di PrenesteBishop of Spoleto, Italy


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