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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
3 SepBornGiovanni Giorgio HuberVicar Apostolic of Sweden
10 Sep50.4Ordained BishopPierre-Alexandre Coupperie, S.M.M. †Bishop of Baghdad, Iraq
53.4Ordained BishopJuan Nepomuceno Gómez DuránBishop of Santander, SpainBishop of Málaga, Spain
13 Sep72.3Died[Jean Antoine Maudru]Bishop Emeritus of [Vosges (Constitutional), France]
14 Sep67.2ResignedJean-Claude Leblanc de BeaulieuAdministrator of Soissons, FranceArchbishop Emeritus of Arles, France
15 Sep86.9DiedGiovanni Battista QuarantottiPrefect of the Apostolic SignaturaCardinal, Prefect of the Congregation for Propagation of the Faith
17 Sep62.9DiedGiovanni Francesco Compagnoni MarefoschiApostolic Nuncio to Portugal
35.7Ordained BishopPatrick McGettiganBishop of Raphoe, Ireland
18 Sep76.1DiedGiovanni DevotiBishop Emeritus of Anagni, Italy
19 Sep54.0SelectedAntonio Allué y SessePatriarch of West Indies, Spain
21 Sep34.0Ordained BishopJohn EnglandBishop of Charleston, South Carolina, USA
22 SepBornMartial-Guillaume-Marie Testard du CosquerArchbishop of Port-au-Prince, Haïti
23 Sep22.9Ordained PriestCrispino AgostinucciPriestBishop of Montefeltro, Italy
23.8Ordained PriestKarl Arnold-ObristPriest of Basel, SwitzerlandBishop
25.9Ordained PriestJosé Joaquim de Azevedo e MouraPriestArchbishop of Braga, Portugal
22.5Ordained PriestGiuseppe Maria Pietro Raffaele Castellani, O.E.S.A. †Priest of Order of Hermits of St. AugustineTitular Bishop of Porphyreon
22.6Ordained PriestGiuseppe Maria GalligariPriestBishop Emeritus of Narni, Italy
27.7Ordained PriestThomas KellyPriest of Armagh, IrelandArchbishop
23.6Ordained PriestEtienne Jean François Le HerpeurPriestBishop of Martinique (Fort-de-France e Saint Pierre), Antilles
22.5Ordained PriestBernardino Panzacchi, O.F.M. Obs. †Priest of Order of Observant Friars MinorBishop of Terracina, Priverno e Sezze, Italy
22.4Ordained PriestAlessandro Domenico VaresiniPriestArchbishop of Sassari, Italy
24 Sep72.7Ordained BishopHenry ConwellBishop of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
66.5Ordained BishopJean-Marie Cliquet de FontenayArchbishop of Bourges, France
50.6Ordained BishopGuillaume-Aubin de VillèleBishop of Soissons, FranceArchbishop of Bourges, France
29 Sep58.3SelectedStefan (István) Csech (Cech)Bishop of Košice, Slovakia
1 Oct58.8Ordained BishopFernando Cano Almirante, O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop of Antioquía, ColombiaBishop of Islas Canarias {Canary Islands}, Spain
44.7Ordained BishopTomás Sala, O.P. †Titular Bishop of NilopolisCoadjutor Vicar Apostolic of Fukien, Chekiang, and Kiangsi, China
58.0Ordained BishopAntonio Sánchez Matas, O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop of La Paz, BoliviaBishop Emeritus
2 Oct53.2ConfirmedGiuseppe Vincenzo Airenti, O.P. †Bishop of Savona, ItalyArchbishop of Genova, Italy
45.9ConfirmedCarmelo CordiviolaBishop of Albenga, Italy
66.8ConfirmedFelice Levreri (Levrieri)Bishop of Ventimiglia, Italy
47.9ConfirmedJán Krstitel Ladislav Pyrker (Pryker), O. Cist. †Patriarch of Venezia {Venice}, ItalyArchbishop of Eger, Hungary
64.9ConfirmedPietro Luigi Scarabelli, C.M. †Bishop of Luni, Sarzana e Brugnato, ItalyBishop Emeritus
40.6AppointedFrancesco di Paola VilladecaniTitular Bishop of Orthosias in CariaCardinal, Archbishop of Messina, Italy
8 Oct53.3Ordained BishopGiuseppe Vincenzo Airenti, O.P. †Bishop of Savona, ItalyArchbishop of Genova, Italy
45.9Ordained BishopCarmelo CordiviolaBishop of Albenga, Italy
16 OctBornAntónio José de Freitas HonoratoArchbishop of Braga, Portugal
21 OctBornZsigmond KovácsBishop of Veszprém, Hungary
22 Oct19.6ProfessedHeinrich (Karl Josef) Schmid, O.S.B. †Member of Order of Saint BenedictAbbot of Maria Einsiedeln, Switzerland
27 OctBornRaffaele AmmiranteBishop of Nocera de’ Pagani, Italy
28 Oct66.6InstalledJean-Marie Cliquet de FontenayArchbishop of Bourges, France
40.6Ordained BishopFrancesco di Paola VilladecaniTitular Bishop of Orthosias in CariaCardinal, Archbishop of Messina, Italy
29 Oct36.8Ordained DeaconAntonio Mantecón y IbáñezDeacon of Antequera, Oaxaca, MéxicoBishop
BornIstván PankovicsBishop of Mukachevo (Munkács) (Ruthenian), Ukraine
30 OctBornPeter FunderBishop of Gurk, Austria
BornAnastasio Laterza, O. Carm. †Bishop of Boiano, Italy
1 NovBornFrançois-Eugène Lions, M.E.P. †Vicar Apostolic of Kuiceu (Kweichow), China
2 NovBornElia BianchiAuxiliary Bishop of Ostia (-Velletri), Italy
3 NovBornAnton Josef GruschaCardinal, Archbishop of Wien {Vienna}, Austria
4 Nov17.0ProfessedBernardino Trionfetti, O.F.M. Obs. †Member of Order of Observant Friars MinorBishop Emeritus of Terracina, Priverno e Sezze, Italy
5 Nov64.1Ordained BishopJános BenyovszkyTitular Bishop of LystraAuxiliary Bishop of Esztergom, Hungary
52.3Ordained BishopPeter de ÜrményiTitular Bishop of CorycusAuxiliary Bishop of Esztergom, Hungary
8 NovBornGiuseppe Maria CotellessaBishop of Lucera, Italy
11 NovBornJohn KilduffBishop of Ardagh (and Clonmacnois), Ireland
12 Nov26.2Ordained PriestVasile ErdélyPriestBishop of Oradea Mare {Gran Varadino} (Romanian), Romania
57.6Ordained BishopVicente da Soledade e Castro, O.S.B. †Archbishop of São Salvador da Bahia, Brazil
14 NovBornJean-Dominique Barbero, P.I.M.E. †Vicar Apostolic of Hyderabad, India
20 NovBornDaniel McCarthyBishop of Kerry (o Ardfert) e Aghadoe, Ireland
21 Nov49.6SelectedModesto FarinaBishop of Padova {Padua}, Italy
25 NovBornJosé María de Jesús Díez de Sollano y DávaolsBishop of León, Guanajuato, México
26 Nov72.9InstalledHenry ConwellBishop of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
29 Nov90.8DiedFrançois Bareau de GiracBishop Emeritus of Rennes, France
67.9DiedEdmund BurkeVicar Apostolic of Nova Scotia, Canada
1 Dec78.1DiedJosé JiménezBishop of Cartagena (en España)
5 DecAppointedLekë SummaBishop of Sapë, Albania
13 Dec80.7DiedGiovanni Thomas Vincenzo Tiberio d’Anisi, O.A.D. †Bishop of Gallipoli, Italy
67.4DiedAntonio Gómez Polanco, O.F.M. Obs. †Bishop of Santa Marta, Colombia
14 DecBornBienvenido Monzón y MartínArchbishop of Sevilla {Seville}, Spain
15 Dec71.7DiedThomas BrayArchbishop of Cashel (-Emly), Ireland
69.9SucceededPatrick EverardArchbishop of Cashel (-Emly), Ireland
17 Dec72.9Died[Jean-Baptiste Dumouchel]Bishop Emeritus of [Gard (Constitutional), France]
67.0Ordained BishopFelice Levreri (Levrieri)Bishop of Ventimiglia, Italy
65.1Ordained BishopPietro Luigi Scarabelli, C.M. †Bishop of Luni, Sarzana e Brugnato, ItalyBishop Emeritus
BornJános ZalkaBishop of Győr (Raab), Hungary
21 Dec55.6DiedAugustin-Sulpice Zen-RuffinenBishop of Sion {Sitten}, Switzerland
23 Dec24.7Ordained PriestJean-Irénée DepéryPriestBishop of Gap, France
22.8Ordained PriestGregorio Maria FistilliPriest of Rossano, ItalyBishop Emeritus of Capaccio, Italy
27.0Ordained PriestManuel Martins MansoPriestBishop of Guarda, Portugal
26 Dec22.0Ordained Deacon[Yosyf (Józef) Semashko (Siemaszko)]Deacon of Lutzk e Ostrog (ROC), UkraineArchbishop
28 Dec22.5Ordained PriestJan Valerián JirsíkPriestBishop of České Budĕjovice {Budweis}, Czechia
30 DecBornBeniamino FeuliArchbishop of Manfredonia (e Vieste), Italy
31 Dec34.2InstalledJohn EnglandBishop of Charleston, South Carolina, USA
58.4Ordained BishopAlexander MacDonellTitular Bishop of RhesainaBishop of Kingston, Ontario, Canada


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