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Recent Bishop Events

DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
8 Jul 201161.2DiedCamille Lembi Zaneli (Zanelli)Bishop of Isangi
14 Jul 201155.9AppointedJean-Marie Mate Musivi MupendawatuSecretary of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers
9 Sep 201179.4DiedIgnace Matondo Kwa Nzambi, C.I.C.M. †Bishop Emeritus of Molegbe
2 Feb 201250.0AppointedTimothée Bodika Mansiyai, P.S.S.Auxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa
50.0AppointedTimothée Bodika Mansiyai, P.S.S.Titular Bishop of NaieraAuxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa
53.7AppointedSébastien-Joseph Muyengo MulombeAuxiliary Bishop of KinshasaBishop of Uvira
53.7AppointedSébastien-Joseph Muyengo MulombeTitular Bishop of StratherniaBishop of Uvira
10 Feb 201257.0AppointedGiovanni d’AnielloApostolic Nuncio to Brazil
15 Apr 201250.2Ordained BishopTimothée Bodika Mansiyai, P.S.S.Titular Bishop of NaieraAuxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa
53.9Ordained BishopSébastien-Joseph Muyengo MulombeTitular Bishop of StratherniaBishop of Uvira
31 Oct 201275.4DiedFaustino Sainz MuñozApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Great Britain
22 Feb 201356.5AppointedLéon Kalenga BadikebeleApostolic Nuncio to El Salvador
10 Apr 201390.6DiedLorenzo AntonettiCardinal, President Emeritus of the Administration of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See
13 Apr 201356.7AppointedLéon Kalenga BadikebeleApostolic Nuncio to Belize, AntillesApostolic Nuncio to El Salvador
73.5AppointedLaurent Monsengwo PasinyaMember of the Council of CardinalsCardinal, Archbishop of Kinshasa
15 Oct 201355.4AppointedSébastien-Joseph Muyengo MulombeBishop of Uvira
8 Dec 201355.5InstalledSébastien-Joseph Muyengo MulombeBishop of Uvira
3 Jan 201477.7RetiredLéonard Kasanda Lumembu, C.I.C.M.Bishop of LuizaBishop Emeritus
53.1AppointedFélicien Mwanama GalumbululaBishop of Luiza
13 Feb 201491.1DiedLouis Nganga a NdzandoBishop Emeritus of Lisala
11 Mar 201454.3AppointedPlacide Lubamba Ndjibu, M. Afr.Bishop of Kasongo
23 Mar 201453.4Ordained BishopFélicien Mwanama GalumbululaBishop of Luiza
31 Mar 201451.3AppointedDonatien Bafuidinsoni, S.J.Auxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa
51.3AppointedDonatien Bafuidinsoni, S.J.Titular Bishop of Gemellae in ByzacenaAuxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa
31 May 201454.5Ordained BishopPlacide Lubamba Ndjibu, M. Afr.Bishop of Kasongo
29 Jan 201577.8RetiredFerdinand Maemba LiwokeBishop of LoloBishop Emeritus
49.8AppointedJean-Bertin Nadonye Ndongo, O.F.M. Cap.Bishop of Lolo
11 Feb 201550.7AppointedErnest Ngboko Ngombe, C.I.C.M.Bishop of Lisala
77.6RetiredLouis Nkinga Bondala, C.I.C.M.Bishop of LisalaBishop Emeritus
17 Feb 201567.0AppointedAdolfo Tito YllanaApostolic Nuncio to Australia
31 Mar 201554.2AppointedChristophe Amade, M. Afr.Bishop of Kalemie-Kirungu
54.6AppointedJean-Pierre Kwambamba MasiAuxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa
54.6AppointedJean-Pierre Kwambamba MasiTitular Bishop of NaratcataAuxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa
12 Apr 201550.0Ordained BishopJean-Bertin Nadonye Ndongo, O.F.M. Cap.Bishop of Lolo
19 Apr 201550.9Ordained BishopErnest Ngboko Ngombe, C.I.C.M.Bishop of Lisala


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