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The Year of Our Lord 1306

Bishop Events

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DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
unknownDiedAnian Bishop of Bangor, Wales, Great Britain
ResignedAntal , O.F.M. †Bishop of Csanád, HungaryBishop Emeritus
AppointedBartolomeo de AntiochiaArchbishop of Palermo, Italy
AppointedBenedek Bishop of Csanád, Hungary
AppointedPere (Pedro) de BetetoBishop of Tortosa, Spain
DiedGeoffroi BoucherBishop of Avranches, France
ResignedBl. Gauthier de Bruges, O.F.M. †Bishop of Poitiers, FranceBishop Emeritus
AppointedThomas CantokBishop of Emly, Ireland
Ordained BishopThomas CantokBishop of Emly, Ireland
AppointedGuillaume de DurfortBishop of Langres, FranceArchbishop of Rouen, France
AppointedHeinrich von GolternArchbishop of Bremen (and Hamberg), Germany
DiedÁlvaro GómezBishop of Palencia, Spain
AppointedBertrand de GothBishop of Langres, FranceBishop of Agen, France
AppointedGuerin , O.P. †Bishop of Sagone (Sagona), France
DiedIstván Archbishop of Kalocsa, Hungary
DiedJacques Bishop of Mylopotamos, Greece
AppointedEsger JuulBishop of Aarhus (Århus), DenmarkArchbishop of Lund, Sweden
DiedGuillaume de LéonBishop of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, France
AppointedHenry MacCrossanBishop of Raphoe, Ireland
DiedRodrigo MartínezBishop of Lugo, Spain
AppointedDalmau de Monte OlivoBishop of Tortosa, Spain
DiedThomas O’NathainBishop of Raphoe, Ireland
AppointedRoger Bishop of Rossano, Italy
AppointedJohannes Wulfing (Güttingen)Bishop of Brixen {Bressanone}, ItalyBishop of Freising, Germany
16 JanOrdained BishopAltogrado CattaneoBishop of Vicenza, Italy
22 JanAppointedHeinrich AnhaltArchbishop of Magdeburg, Germany
AppointedFerquhard (Forcan) Belegaumbe (Belleganach)Bishop of Caithness, Scotland, Great Britain
AppointedGui de Colle MedioArchbishop of Salerno, Italy
AppointedJacques GantelmiBishop of Sisteron, France
AppointedPhilip Leportier de MarignyBishop of Cambrai, FranceArchbishop of Sens, France
AppointedPierre de Lévis de MirepoixBishop of Maguelonne, FranceBishop of Bayeux, France
AppointedGaillard de PreyssacArchbishop of Toulouse, FranceArchbishop Emeritus
23 JanOrdained BishopHeinrich AnhaltArchbishop of Magdeburg, Germany
Ordained BishopFerquhard (Forcan) Belegaumbe (Belleganach)Bishop of Caithness, Scotland, Great Britain
DiedPierre de BeneisBishop of Bayeux, France
Ordained BishopRobert WalrandBishop of Ferns, Ireland
30 JanOrdained BishopRalph BaldockBishop of London, England, Great Britain
Ordained BishopWilliam GreenfieldArchbishop of York, England, Great Britain
31 JanOrdained BishopBartolomeo de AntiochiaArchbishop of Palermo, Italy
AppointedTamás Archbishop of Esztergom, Hungary
Ordained BishopTamás Archbishop of Esztergom, Hungary
13 Feb66.1Ordained BishopPhilipp von RathsamhausenBishop of Eichstätt, Germany
17 FebAppointedBonifacio di Donoratico, O.P. †Bishop of Chiron, GreeceBishop Emeritus
18 FebAppointedJohann von DurbheimBishop of Strasbourg, France
66.1AppointedPhilipp von RathsamhausenBishop of Eichstätt, Germany
23 FebAppointedEudes de GransonBishop of Toul, FranceBishop of Basel, Switzerland
25 FebAppointedBernard de FargesBishop of Agen, FranceArchbishop of Narbonne, France
27 FebAppointedFrancesco Archbishop of Sorrento, Italy
AppointedFrancesco Archbishop of Sorrento, Italy
Ordained BishopGuerin , O.P. †Bishop of Sagone (Sagona), France
Ordained BishopRoger Bishop of Rossano, Italy
6 AprDiedGuillaume de FlavacourtArchbishop of Rouen, France
MayDiedGui de Colle MedioArchbishop of Salerno, Italy
4 MayAppointedAntony BeckTitular Patriarch of Jerusalem {Gerusalemme}, Palestine
29 MayDiedPierre de MornayBishop of Auxerre, France
4 JunAppointedBernard de FargesArchbishop of Rouen, FranceArchbishop of Narbonne, France
AppointedBerardo di PonteArchbishop of Salerno, Italy
5 JunDiedPierre de NégrelBishop of Riez, France
5 JulDiedAdalbert de PeyreBishop of Viviers (Aps), France
DiedPonç de VilaróBishop of Vic, Spain
6 JulAppointedBriand de Lagnieu (Lavieu)Archbishop of Vienne, France
8 JulAppointedVince Archbishop of Kalocsa, Hungary
13 JulAppointedPierre GantelmiBishop of Riez, France
20 JulDiedArnau de JardíBishop of Tortosa, Spain
28 JulAppointedArnaud de CanteloupArchbishop of Bordeaux, France
27 AugAppointedPierre de BellepercheBishop of Auxerre, France
AppointedGuillaume BonnetBishop of Bayeux, France
AppointedNicolas de LuzarchesBishop of Avranches, France
AppointedLouis de PoitiersBishop of Viviers (Aps), FranceBishop of Metz, France
12 Sep66.6DiedHenrich von KlingenbergBishop of Konstanz {Constance}, Germany
19 SepAppointedBerenguer de Guardia (Çaguardia)Bishop of Vic, Spain
9 OctOrdained BishopPere (Pedro) de BetetoBishop of Tortosa, Spain
3 NovAppointedAlfonso das AsturiasBishop of Salamanca, Spain
AppointedGuido de Beaulieu, O.S.B. †Bishop of Toul, France
AppointedDiego FernandiBishop of Lamego, PortugalBishop of Zamora, Spain
AppointedEudes de GransonBishop of Basel, Switzerland
4 Nov46.8AppointedArnaud d’AuxBishop of Poitiers, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Albano
10 Nov66.8AppointedPeter von AspeltArchbishop of Mainz, Germany
11 NovAppointedBertrand de GothBishop of Agen, France
13 NovOrdained BishopGuido de Beaulieu, O.S.B. †Bishop of Toul, France
Ordained BishopGuillaume de DurfortBishop of Langres, FranceArchbishop of Rouen, France
14 Nov46.8Ordained BishopArnaud d’AuxBishop of Poitiers, FranceCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Albano
17 NovDiedGiselbert von BrunkhorstArchbishop of Bremen (and Hamberg), Germany
DecAppointedPierre de La Chapelle TaillefertCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
7 DecDiedTeodorico RanieriCardinal, Cardinal-Bishop of Palestrina
18 DecOrdained BishopBerenguer de Guardia (Çaguardia)Bishop of Vic, Spain


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