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St. Justin, martyr (Memorial)

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755Cardinal Titular Church of Sant’Angelo in Pescheria Established
1722Diocese of Wien, Austria ElevatedArchdiocese of Wien {Vienna}, Austria Elevated
1770Diocese of Porto, Portugal Territory LostDiocese of Penafiel, Portugal Erected
1772Diocese of Vercelli, Italy Territory LostDiocese of Biella, Italy Erected
1803Diocese of Aosta, Italy Territory Added
1803Diocese of Biella, Italy SuppressedDiocese of Vercelli, Italy Territory Added
1867Sons of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Founded
1883Vicariate Apostolic of Eastern Tonking {Tonkino Orientale}, Viet Nam Territory LostVicariate Apostolic of Northern Tonking {Tonkino Settentrionale}, Viet Nam Erected
1912Prefecture Apostolic of Southern Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Southern Solomon Islands, Solomon Islands Elevated
1921Vicariate Apostolic of Fu-Chow (Fu-Kow), China Name ChangedVicariate Apostolic of YŁkiang [Yujiang], China Name Changed
1922Diocese of Monterey-Los Angeles, California, USA SplitDiocese of Los Angeles-San Diego, California, USA
Diocese of Monterey-Fresno, California, USA
1932Mission "Sui Iuris" of Hwangchow, China ElevatedPrefecture Apostolic of Hwangchow, China Elevated
1932Mission "Sui Iuris" of Changtien, China ElevatedPrefecture Apostolic of Changtien, China Elevated
1932Prefecture Apostolic of Szepingkai, China ElevatedVicariate Apostolic of Szepingkai [Siping], China Elevated
1937Mission "Sui Iuris" of Cuttack, India ElevatedDiocese of Cuttack, India Elevated
1979Diocese of Itabira, Brazil Name ChangedDiocese of Itabira-Fabriciano, Minas Gerais, Brazil Name Changed
1979Diocese of Rawalpindi, Pakistan Name ChangedDiocese of Islamabad-Rawalpindi, Pakistan Name Changed
1988Diocese of Strasbourg, France ElevatedArchdiocese of Strasbourg, France Elevated
1992Nunciature to Nauru, Pacific (Oceania) Established
2011Diocese of Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil Territory LostDiocese of NaviraŪ, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil Erected
2019Apostolic Administration of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, Faithful of Byzantine Rite Erected


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