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Recent Bishop Events

DateAgeEventBishopTitleCurrent Title
13 May 201652.1AppointedGábor PintérApostolic Nuncio to BelarusApostolic Nuncio to Honduras
52.1AppointedGábor PintérTitular Archbishop of VelebusdusApostolic Nuncio to Honduras
17 May 201675.6RetiredLajos PápaiBishop of Győr (Raab)Bishop Emeritus
56.4AppointedAndrás VeresBishop of Győr (Raab)
11 Jul 201689.4DiedJusztin Nándor Takács, O.C.D. †Bishop Emeritus of Székesfehérvár (Albareale)
15 Jul 201652.3Ordained BishopGábor PintérTitular Archbishop of VelebusdusApostolic Nuncio to Honduras
16 Jul 201656.6InstalledAndrás VeresBishop of Győr (Raab)
25 Mar 201776.0RetiredBéla BalásBishop of KaposvárBishop Emeritus
60.6AppointedLászló VargaBishop of Kaposvár
13 May 201760.7Ordained BishopLászló VargaBishop of Kaposvár
18 Jun 201753.0AppointedJános SzékelyBishop of Szombathely
8 Jul 201753.0InstalledJános SzékelyBishop of Szombathely
23 Jul 201795.7DiedJózsef SzendiArchbishop Emeritus of Veszprém
20 Nov 201787.7DiedIstván KonkolyBishop Emeritus of Szombathely
Dec 201775.4RetiredAlberto Bottari de CastelloApostolic Nuncio to HungaryApostolic Nuncio Emeritus
16 Feb 201858.9AppointedCirill Tamás Hortobágyi, O.S.B.Abbot of Pannonhalma
72.0ResignedImre Asztrik Várszegi, O.S.B.Abbot of PannonhalmaAbbot Emeritus
7 Apr 201845.5AppointedÁbel Antal Szocska, O.S.B.M.Bishop of Nyíregyháza (Hungarian)
10 May 201845.6Ordained BishopÁbel Antal Szocska, O.S.B.M.Bishop of Nyíregyháza (Hungarian)
4 Jul 201872.0AppointedMichael August Blume, S.V.D.Apostolic Nuncio to Hungary
21 Sep 201874.5ResignedJuliusz JanuszApostolic Nuncio to SloveniaApostolic Nuncio Emeritus
74.5ResignedJuliusz JanuszApostolic Delegate to KosovoApostolic Nuncio Emeritus to Slovenia
4 Oct 201845.0AppointedGábor MohosAuxiliary Bishop of Esztergom-Budapest
45.0AppointedGábor MohosTitular Bishop of IliturgiAuxiliary Bishop of Esztergom-Budapest
8 Dec 201845.2Ordained BishopGábor MohosTitular Bishop of IliturgiAuxiliary Bishop of Esztergom-Budapest
28 Dec 201887.7DiedAttila Miklósházy, S.J. †Titular Bishop of Castellum Minus
31 Dec 201887.7DiedIstván SeregélyArchbishop Emeritus of Eger
12 Jul 201976.1RetiredMiklós BeerBishop of VácBishop Emeritus
75.5RetiredGyula MárfiArchbishop of VeszprémArchbishop Emeritus
53.2AppointedZsolt MartonBishop of Vác
59.1AppointedGyörgy UdvardyArchbishop of Veszprém
59.1AppointedGyörgy UdvardyApostolic Administrator of PécsArchbishop of Veszprém
24 Aug 201953.4Ordained BishopZsolt MartonBishop of Vác
31 Aug 201959.2InstalledGyörgy UdvardyArchbishop of Veszprém
12 Nov 201955.6AppointedGábor PintérApostolic Nuncio to Honduras
18 Nov 202059.7AppointedLászló FelföldiBishop of Pécs
6 Jan 202159.9Ordained BishopLászló FelföldiBishop of Pécs
60.6CeasedGyörgy UdvardyApostolic Administrator of PécsArchbishop of Veszprém
18 Feb 202154.6AppointedTibor BertaBishop of Hungary, Military
70.2ResignedLászló BíróBishop of Hungary, MilitaryBishop Emeritus
26 Feb 202171.9DiedGyörgy SnellAuxiliary Bishop of Esztergom-Budapest
10 Apr 202154.8Ordained BishopTibor BertaBishop of Hungary, Military


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